10 Beautiful Couple Dance Poses

couple dance poses

Learn these ten beautiful and necessary couple dance poses in no time. Master these couple dance poses and shine on the dance floor with your partner.

One Handhold Couple Dance Poses

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As per the name in this couple dance pose, only one hand is held. Start with facing your partner at one arm’s reach. If you want to enter using this pose, then grab your partner’s hand and leave the other hand relaxing at your one side. Moreover, this pose is perfect for the elderly couple who want to rock the stage with their elegant dance.

Two Handhold Dance Pose

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It is one of the most common couple dance poses. Conventionally a male partner leads the female partner. Moreover, this dance pose looks quite elegant as a ballroom dance position. In this position, both the hands are held by the partners. Partners should stand apart, facing each other. The male partner has the hands while the other partner follows.

Close Position

The closed position is one of the other most common couple dance poses. In it, both the partners stand close enough so that their bodies can touch. Moreover, they take care that each while dancing, the right foot can step between their partner’s feet.

In this couple pose, the male partner places his right hand on the back of his partner. At the same time, the female partner places her left hand on the male partner’s shoulder. Whereas with the right hand, she holds the other partner’s hand.

Outside Right Position

This poses quite similar to the closed position. The only difference is in the position of the feet of partners. In this position, the female partner’s feet should be e to the male partners’ right side.

Outside Left, Couple Dance Poses

It is precisely similar to the outside right position couple dance pose. However, the difference between both of the poles is the position of feet. As the name suggests, the move female partner has to place a foot to the left side of the male partner’s feet in this position.

Promenade Position

In this beautiful couple, dance pose both the partners face the same direction so that the body can form a sort of v shape. More about these couples, dance poses are used forward movement. Both the partners move forward at the same time while dancing in this position.

Fallaway Couple Dance Poses

This position is similar to the Promenade Position. The only difference between both of the couple dance poses is that this dance moves partners backward instead of moving forward. Here, partners take tiny steps in the backward direction.

Shadow Position

In this couple dance pose, both the partner’s Shadow each other’s dance move. However, while dancing partners should face in the same direction, and one partner needs to be slightly left to the other one. Moreover, the partner should step with the same foot.

Challenge Position

In this couple dance poses, both partners face one other but do not make any contact.

Skater’s Position

Partners join hands in front of their bodies. However, the right hands are below the left ones.


So, use these beautiful couple dance poses and rock the Dance Floor. These couple dance poses can add more charm to your dancing style.

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