4 Simple Yet Fun Basic Couple Dance Steps That Anyone Can Master In No Time

basic couple dance steps

Do you like dancing but don’t know how to do it? Do you feel embarrassed when everyone dances at a party with their partner and you are clueless? It happens with many of us who cannot dance. But wait, there are Basic couple dance steps that have not to be that tough. Learning some simple basic couple dance steps is helpful to anyone, whether you are making preparations for marriage, prom, or social event. Studies have shown that dancing together improves relationships in couples.

It doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner or have some experience with partner dancing; the following moves will teach you very simple basic couple dance steps you can do on any occasion. And step-wise, the process to practice it.

Most Basic Couple Dance Steps

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The Side Basic

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You can use side basic in 80% of the songs they play at weddings and parties. It is one of the Basic couple dance steps you can use in both fast and slow-paced songs. You can also use side basic as a solo dance move.

The Right Turn

A simple right turn is an extension from the side basic. The key in these basic couple dance steps is to signal your partner at the right time and lead with confidence. Footwork is the same as side basic.

The waltz box step is among the most multipurpose and most taught basic couple dance steps. So next time a romantic waltz song comes on at a wedding, practice the waltz box step.

The Underarm Turn

It is one of the most beautiful feeling when you get to turn your partner. Underarm turn is an extension of the waltz box. It is one of the basic couple dance steps that has a graceful turn to impress your partners and onlookers, both.

Step Wise Process To Master Basic Couple Dance Steps

Step 1- Warming Up

Before starting to practice any basic couple dance steps, make your muscles ready with a light warm-up. It helps to prevent injuries.

Step 2- Learn The Moves

Try to understand the basic structure of each move. Each style has its unique set of rules and how to move.

Step 3- Practicing Along With Music

Once you master the basic couple dance steps, try to put it more into practice—dance along with music to practice your steps. Couples can use it Learning to lead, Balancing each other’s weight, and Improvising.

Step 4- Stretching And Cooling Down

Regardless of the type of dance, stretching and cooling down at the end is essential.

After practicing your basic couple dance steps, dedicate at least 10 minutes for stretching and cooling down, most ideally with the help of calm music.


In this post, we have explained the standard structure used for most dance styles, so rather than staring at each one, you have a better idea of what to do whenever you get on the dance floor and follow these Basic couple dance steps. A few easy steps that will help you feel confident and look good on the dance floor. So next time you hit a dance floor, Instead of rocking side to side with your partner, practice these Basic couple dance steps.

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