5 Fabulous Couple Dance Types To Make Your Guests Feel Wow!

Couple Dance Types

Do you want to impress yourself, your partner, and your wedding guest with an amazing couple dance? If yes!! The couple dance types and forms in this guide will arouse some sensuous feeling that will beautifully plant a perfect bonding between you and your partner.

Different dance styles always work great to have a special tuning with your dance partner, and especially at weddings, beautiful dance forms act as a cherry on top.

So, keep reading to know which one is the best dance type that you can your partner can perform in a wedding function and make all of your guests go…WOW!

List Of Amazing Couple Dance Types

1. Tango

Fabulous Couple Dance Types To Practice
Fabulous Couple Dance Types To Practice

Tango is a fabulous dance form to rock the wedding dance floor. It’s a dance style that is going to impress anyone. It’s a more sensuous dance that can do wonders.

Moreover, it’s a romantic, sensuous, dramatic, fascinating, and fiery dance between two lovers. Here, grace would meet the passion for giving rise to erotic mood with some dramatic dance movements.

Staccato and legato elements add intensity to this dramatic dance. Staccato incorporates cat or sharp steps. At the same time, legato involves flowy or smooth steps. A dynamic story is depicted through this dance style, and just feel the amazing music and transmit raw love. It’s about perfect footwork.

2. Mashup and Free Form

When you look indulging in a pool of different moves or songs, there are countless possibilities. You can choose and pick your dear dance style and then finally, pair them with excellent tunes to match your dance style expertly. There’s no need to hire a professional teacher for this dance form.

Furthermore, you & your beloved partner can tune-in and coordinate with each other. Your wedding guests are going to genuinely love it. 

3. Hip Hop Dance

When you and your sweetheart love modern music instead of classic ones, the hip hop dance is for you. Grab everyone’s eyeballs by performing on this beautiful dance form that involves different stylish moves. Choose any hit number and do nothing but dance out this style. You will have fun dancing it, and also, you won’t require any choreographer.

Moreover, modern-day hip hop, R&B, or rap songs will generate an electrifying ambiance for you while dancing this form. It’s a wedding dance form that your guest are going to admire.

4. Salsa and the Mambo Dance

Such a dance form has different technicalities as this dance style features faster dance steps than the rumba style. Also, it’s much more intricate than the rumba style.

Moreover, mambo has a staccato touch, whereas salsa refers to a rhythmic and fluid dance form. So, if you want some sensuousness in your dance, then try either of these styles, which will be an excellent choice for you.

Moreover, go for a song that mirrors elegance and style, and it’s not necessary that the song should be from a Latin origin. However, to make your dance look great, Latin songs always work fantastically.

Either go for classes to learn this art or hire a professional choreographer for it.

Make sure you should have more suitable clothing for such an arousing ballroom dance.

5. The Rumba

Fabulous Couple Dance Types
Fabulous Couple Dance Types

Rumba is a Latin style that looks excellent on couples. It’s a style that arouses sensuous vibes when you dance this special form in a lovely wedding outfit.

The dance form requires more hip work and also need perfect fluidity from both the partners. You will require some practice to learn this dance form. An enjoyable dance form is a rumba for both guests and dancers.


You might need to change your footwear while dancing in some of these dance forms. Also, women have a check on how to handle their dress with those hip movements.

So, learn one of these heart-stopping couple dance types to awestruck everyone.

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