A Brief Overview of the Bachata Line Dance

bachata line dance

Bachata Line dancing is a beautiful and unique form of Cuban dance that is gaining popularity around the world. It originated with the revolutionary group, settlement que el club, which called itself the “Bachata Line.” The group was formed in the 1950’s to challenge the then existing traditional dance forms in Cuba. The original group called itself Los Hermanas, but the name was changed when they began performing a new type of dance known as the “line dance.”

How Did The Bachata Line Dance Got Famous

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The dance groups gained popularity in the United States due to salsa dancing and other popular Latin dance forms. As the popularity of these types of dances began to grow, so too did the number of people enrolling in salsa classes. Many of these same people also took Bachata classes, because it was a fun and easy way to learn the dance. They found that it taught them many of the same skills as salsa dancing.

There are over four hundred positions in the entire dance. There are four basic dance movements that make up a Bachata routine. There are also many variations on each of the basic dance movements. These variations are called mambo, bossa nova, rumba, and samba. There are many videos and photographs available to view online that show you pictures of actual Bachata lines.

Know About The Paseo

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A typical Bachata line dance begins with a slow dance called the paseo. Then, the leader or dancer moves from side to side moving with the beat of the music. The music will often be an older cumbia music. An audience in a ballroom will react to the music with oohs and aahs and groans depending on whether or not the dancer’s movement is graceful or if it bogs down.

Another part of the dance is the flamenco. Flamenco dancers use their legs in much the same way that modern street dancers use their arms in street dances. The dance starts on the dance floor and ends at either a red light or a one-two-three mark in the distance. Some flamenco dances involve using the torso muscles more than the legs.

You don’t need a special costume for a Bachata line dance. In fact most dancers are barefoot and only wear clothes that cover their lower bodies. Some may dress in tights, while others may opt for just shorts. They also do not wear any shoes.

Costumes In Bachata Line Dance

The Bachata line dance has many costumes for various times of the year. There are costumes suitable for the cold months of winter. There are also suitable costumes if the temperature is very warm. There are also several costumes that are suitable for the tropical climate. For tropical climates dancing in a Bachata costume is as good as any outdoor event that you can attend.


For those who are interested in learning more about the Bachata you might consider looking into some of the many online DVD’s and other recorded dance lessons that are available. There are even videos and photos available online of professional Bachata line dances performed by professional dancers. Some of the dancers who perform the Bachata line dances are known to be world famous. They have been invited to perform at major occasions such as the Olympics. You can find out more about these types of dance lessons by searching on the internet.

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