A Day in the Life of a Salsa Latina

salsa latina

Salsa latina is taking New York by storm. In fact, it has already conquered the former Greenbush Inn, an old bar and grill spot at East Greenbush which appears to have abruptly closed down just recently. The venue, in East Greenbush, had previously housed many barbecue incarnations over the years, such as Smokin’ Joe’s Barbecue and The Lodge BBQ & Lounge over the years. It was also previously known for its annual salsa Festival, which is well liked by locals and tourists alike. However, now it appears the legendary bar and grill will be celebrating its 20th anniversary again this year.

The opening celebration will take place on Saturday, January 13th from noon until two in the evening. Celebrating its 20th anniversary, the new location promises to be jam packed with music, dancing and fun. The celebration will include a free performance by Don Francisco, the national talent from Cuba. Other guests include the likes of local Cuban singers Ruben Diaz and Jesus Llovera as well as DJs / musicians Armin van Drogen and Florianne Becker. Don Francisco will perform a special salsa recital followed by live entertainment by DJs.

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If you are interested in attending the celebration, you can either attend the actual celebration or join in afterwards for after party activities. There are a couple ways to do both. First, you can drive to Greenbush and find an available parking space. You then go inside and grab a sit down food or drink ticket. Then you just walk back to your vehicle.

Alternatively, if you are not so inclined, there are other options. Instead of driving to Greenbush, you can opt to catch a live broadcast of the salsa music from Televised Latin Music on Univison. Televised Latin music is usually at half time so it won’t matter if it’s at 3am. Just make sure to catch it when it’s on so you can experience the salsa in all its glory.

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Another way to enjoy salsa in Greenbush is to listen to the music on your home stereo. In most cases, stations will air the salsa music while breaking up in mid-air. This way you can easily switch between channels. (I’m a huge sports fan so I normally catch the highlights when they air). You can also purchase an FM radio that has a salsa station on it.

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Finally, you can simply walk to Greenbush and sit down to a leisurely breakfast. If you want, you can even have your morning coffee before hand. Most coffee shops are open late enough that you can have a quick cup and go. Or you could decide to catch the highlights on television. There are a few stations dedicated to the salsa and you should be able to catch them if you tune into the right channel.


The best thing about it is that salsa is usually easy to find. Once you start getting a little more adventurous, you can start looking for a little more rarer ingredients. Keep your eyes open and stay on top of things. Salsa will definitely bring your days and nights a little bit of cheer. And that’s a good thing.

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