Bachata Dance For Beginners- What You Should Know - Bachata Dance For Beginners- What You Should Know -

Bachata Dance For Beginners- What You Should Know

what is bachata dance

Bachata is an ancient style of Cuban dance that has become extremely popular all over the globe. It’s originally associated with traditional Cuban bachata music, but it’s now been adapted to many different styles and influences. What sets this dance form apart from other forms of Cuban dance is that it is performed in two separate movements, with each one performed in turn. The first movement is the tango or flamenco, and the second movement is the cha-cha. If you learn to perform Bachata, you will be able to create these beautiful sounds on your own!

The Basics of Bachata Dance

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If you want to learn what is bachata dance, you will need to know some of the basic steps of bachata dancing. These are houses, japono, ebb and flow, cha-cha, rumba, son, jive and son, tange and meringue. You can easily check out videos, slide shows, and instructional videos for these dance steps basic steps on YouTube. By taking your time, you will be able to master all of these dance movements, and you will have a great dance routine that you can perform at any point in time.

Bachata dancing originated in Cuba. It is part of the rich Caribbean culture and is very popular around the world. In fact, many Cubans nowadays can dance the Bachata, in a romantic setting, at weddings, birthday parties, and other special occasions. This is known as the wedding dance of Cuba. The exact number of steps is up to the individual or partner, but a famous judge at the Havana International Cuban Film Festival, Jose Mesa, has quoted that there should be between twelve and fifteen steps in a three-minute video of the bachata.

Foot to Foot Steps

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The most basic step of all the bachata movements is the foot to foot dance. The foot to foot motion starts with a slow, sensual crawl across the floor with both feet together, followed by a front foot strike of the little toe of one foot to the other foot. You can add more footwork steps and variations as the dance moves along. There are two feet to foot variations of the bachata which you can try out.

How to Learn?

The footwork in the bachata is smooth, fluid, and elegant. For beginners, I suggest that you begin the movements by learning the footwork steps first. You can learn the steps from scratch by watching someone else do the bachata movements or by reading the instructions written on the video. However, if you want to start with some good Latin dance moves without any problems, then you should start with learning how to do the footwork steps first.

The Salsa

The second phase of learning the bachata is to master the salsa. The salsa is performed by two partners in the center of the circle. The partners then alternate the hand movements of both partners so that they perform a continuous loop. If you have seen the videos of the classical versions of the bachata, then you will notice that both the partners and the audience similarly perform the salsa moves. In the videos, both partners also alternate the movement of their feet to ensure that there is a constant loop in the salsa.

If You Don’t Speak Latin

If you wish to dance the bachata, but don’t know how to speak basic Latin, don’t worry. The great thing about this Latin music is that it doesn’t matter. Most of the time, the dancers are fluent in Spanish. You can simply learn how to make the most of your dancing skills by knowing the basic steps. Just like any other Latin dances, the bachata requires precision when it comes to counting, mixing numbers, rhythm, tempo, and phrasing.


Bachata is an ideal dance for beginners because it requires very little technical skills. All you need to master are three important basics: coordination of the right and left feet, coordinating numbers and beat on the drums (both right and left), and making sure you place your body in the correct position. The three basics are combined with improvisation and creativity so that you can come up with your own original dance moves. So, when you see a video of the classical version of the bachata, you will be able to see how it is done exactly.

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