Basic Couple Dance Steps That Everyone Should Know

couple dance steps

Dance is an entertainment and it is more in the case of couples. Couples love to share happiness with each other and dance is a great way to do so. There are many forms of dance for couples and it is a way they appreciate each other and share their feelings. The relationship of marriage is strengthened when the couples dance and they feel a sense of unity and understanding. 

The Side Basic

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The basic dance step is easy to master and can be followed in almost 80% of the songs in marriages and parties. It does not require any particular skill or expertise and newly married couples can follow the step at ease. You can do it slowly for slow songs and speed up for faster songs. This dance step can be used with a partner and is also good for solo dance. Try it out with your partner and you will love it. 

The Right Turn

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The right turn is another basic step of couple dance and is also easy and convenient. There are many complicated dance steps out there but this one is really easy to follow along. It does not require any expertise, and even if you are new to dancing you can do it well. The turn is an extension of the previous step that is the side basic. The key to this step is to signal your partner and move with confidence. 

The Waltz Box Step

The step is best for a romantic waltz song. Learn this step and sweep your partner off her feet. The waltz box step is one of the most basic and commonly taught dance steps in the couple dance. The step is almost used in all couples song and is a handy one to learn. Try it out with your partner and you will really enjoy it.  The more you practice the better it is and the more comfortable you will become. 

The Under Arm Turn

The underarm turn is one of the most exciting steps in partner dance. Here you get a chance to turn your partner. The move is not only good for the dancers but also for the onlookers. It is a great way to express your love and unity to the audience and they will appreciate you for it. The move is an extension of the waltz box step and if you are comfortable with the waltz box step, then this one will be easy for you. 


Couples love dancing together and there are many couples dance steps that you should learn to enjoy dancing with your partner. It will be a great experience to dance with your partner and you will love it. Spend time with your partner in dancing and it is a great way to share your love and to appreciate each other.

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