Basic Rumba Steps For Everyone

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Learning how to dance with the help of basic rumba steps is fun and can be a lot of fun. They are simple enough that you could just pick up a pair of ballet shoes, a leotard and a couple of dance steps and you have your first dance lesson. You will feel like a kid again, only a little more sophisticated. There are many different moves that will astound your friends and family, if you are trying to learn some of the finer points of dance.

Try An Acrobatic Move Together

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If you have a partner, try a rumba move together. This is also a great introduction to salsa dance as you can really get into it together. This way you can build up a bit of a relationship and bond with your dance partner before you try the harder moves.

The first of the two very popular moves, ballerina slaps are incredibly easy to learn. You need a partner, or two if you are confident. Holding onto each other’s hands is helpful, as is having someone on the dance floor with you. Get your partner to point their toes out, then hold them in between your legs as you do this. It will look like you are dancing to music, but it is a purely acrobatic routine.

‘Make-up’ With The Music

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You can also try and ‘make-up’ with the music, by raising and lowering your arms, mouth and torso with each beat of the rhythm. This will look a bit strange at first, but it gets easier as you practice more. Hold your arms out to the side, then quickly bend your wrists forward, backwards and in a wide arc. This will look like you are ‘smashing’ your own body into the dance floor. If you cannot get a good grip on this move, try tapping your foot or tapping your hands together as you raise and lower your arms.

Ballroom dances are harder to learn than a dance floor routine. They are often much slower and more graceful. To master them, you need a lot of confidence. There is no way to teach yourself how to dance like a professional ballroom dancer does. But with the right instruction, you can learn some basic tricks, such as the moon sweep, before moving onto the more complex ones.

Simplest Ballroom Dance Moves

The moon sweep is one of the simplest ballroom dance moves. You need a partner and a slow circular movement. As your partner turns to face you, turn to theirs and do a simple moon sweep by bringing both feet together and meeting over your head with just your toes. As your partner pulls your foot back, guide your foot across the room and get into a standing position, then lifting up your foot. Slowly come together and then drop down to one knee, keeping your feet together.

Summing Up

If you want to learn some rumba steps, don’t be afraid to go out and try them on the dance floor. It’s not necessary that you have to perform the moves perfectly. Just spend some time practicing on the dance floor. You will soon notice that you get a good feel for the various acrobatic techniques and will be able to do them with confidence. And soon you will

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