Beginner’s Guide To Rumba Dance Steps

Rumba Dance Steps

Are you planning to do the Rumba at your wedding reception? It’s a great idea as long as you are familiar with the basics. But what if you are a complete novice. Don’t worry; we help you to learn a complete set of Rumba dance steps. We have broken down each step so that you can master it. Upon learning the basic steps, you can freely groove with your partner. Let’s learn to lead the steps.

Guide To Rumba Dance Steps
Guide To Rumba Dance Steps

Rumba Dance Steps

Part 1: Positioning Your Body

Clip Hands With Your Partner At 90°

First of all, your partner will raise his left hand, and you have to raise your right hand. Now keep elbow near to your partner’s elbow. Ensure your arm stays up at 90°.

Place The Other Hand Behind His Shoulder

Your partner will put his right hand behind your left shoulder. Ensure your arm remains straight against your partner’s arm.

Start With Feet Side-By-Side

Keep your feet near to your partner’s feet. Now, move the feet apart, forward, and backward to perform the steps. When you start, keep the feet tight together.

Center Your Weight And Body

As we all know, Rumba requires decisive and quick movements, so you have to remain in football. Avoid leaning backward, forward, or sideways. Stay balanced as you perform the steps.

Maintain Eye Contact

Staying in sync with a partner is the most important. So, make eye contact with your partner and avoid watching your feet. Eye contact aids in focusing on steps.

Part 2: Lead The Rumba

Use Your Left Foot And Take Slow Steps

Now, you have to slide your foot forward by lifting it off the ground. Don’t forget to remain in your footballs. If you are a beginner, you can count the steps. Your partner has to mirror this step.

Keep Right Foot At 45°

In this step, you have to move the body to the side. The shoulder will remain wide apart. It’s a quick step, so be in line with your partner. Your toes should point forward to set your foot down.

Slide Left Foot

This step will close the feet gap. When you slide your left foot forward, your partner will slide his right foot backward. Ensure your weight remains centered over your feet.

The next step is to slide your left foot back diagonally. As you perform this step, your partner’s foot will move forward diagonally in a straight line.

Part 3: Following Your Partner

Rumba Dance Steps For Beginner's
Rumba Dance Steps For Beginner’s

Step Back Right Foot Slowly

Being a follower, you need to mirror your partner’s footsteps. Your partner will move his left foot forward, and your right foot should go backward.

Slide Right Foot Toward Left Foot

Slightly lift your right foot and move sideways toward your left foot. Your partner will mirror this step.

Back to Original Place

The final step is to draw your right foot to its original place and close together.


If you practice these three parts 3-5 times a week for 15 minutes, you will easily catch Rumba dance steps quickly. These are the things to know to become an expert in the game.  

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