Can Meet All Your Cutting Needs and Making the Fabric Cutting Set Perfect for Your Quilting Supplies

If you are looking for a durable circular rotary cutter then you are at the right place. Whether you like arts and crafts or tailoring, this SKC circular rotary cutter can do both jobs. You can use it on paper as well as fabric. The product is not completely like scissors. It is suitable for both left and right hands. It allows users to work on details with ease. This cutter’s design is convenient for any place. Below you can find out more about the SKC rotary cutter and why it’s a good purchase along with its shortcomings. 

About The Durable And Portable Rotary Cutter

The SKC rotary cutter is a great tool for handmade work. In case, you have small-scale projects that require a lot of effort in detail, then this cutter can help you out. The product arrives in two different sizes, the first is the one with a 2 cm blade while the other has a 5 cm blade. There is an additional blade cover to make the cutter safer for users. The handle is carved in such a way that it helps in minimizing wrist fatigue. It also provides some level of grip while cutting edge on different materials. 

Why Should You Go For This Fabric Cutter For Sewing Crafts Patchwork?

  • The cutter is quite reliable and that’s why it is a good purchase for craft enthusiasts. Its design is pretty simple as it’s built with a plastic body and high carbon steel on the top.  
  • Its usage is not just limited to fabric and paper. You can try this rotary cutter on other materials like leather, plastic, and many other soft substances. 
  • The product is pretty convenient as you can take it anywhere. From the workplace to school, it is suitable for any place. 
  • This rotary cutter is also totally safe to use because of the cutter handle that comes with a blade cover. Moreover, it can be used by both right and left-handed users.
  • In case you want to focus on small details then this cutter is the right choice. 
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What Are The Shortcomings Of The SKC Rotary Cutter? 

Not every product is entirely perfect. There are always minor flaws and similarly, this cutter has some drawbacks. The cutter blades may have a cover but still, you need to be cautious while using the cutter. It is possible that the color shown in the picture can turn out different from what you receive. Furthermore, there can be chances that the measurements of the product are not quite right. The measurements may vary on the website and actuality. 


This fabric cutter for sewing crafts patchwork from SKC is a useful product. It is durable and convenient to use. It won’t be wrong to say it’s safe to use at the same time. You can try it on other soft materials if you want. You can take it to the workplace, school, and so on as it’s suitable for any place. 

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