Choose Your Favorite Couple Dance For Wedding & Feel The Romance!

Couple Dance For Wedding

Want to a perfect couple dance for your wedding? You are probably searching for some amazing dance styles that can amaze everyone with your sensuous moves.

Dancing to the tunes of some popular dance styles will make your evening even more romantic. So, take a moment to appreciate these beautiful dance styles for weddings that we are going to mention below and give space to a special moment fueling up between you.

Some people go nuts when it comes to dancing. They don’t know as which dance style they should perform. So, here’s the list of popular wedding dance forms that will help you in deciding that.

The Sway

Couple Dance For Wedding
Couple Dance For Wedding

Sway is a go-to-move, typical dancing style for couples. For those who don’t know how to dance can try this amazing dance form. It’s a slow-mo dance that includes a simple swaying of back and forth movements with your arms enwrapping around your partner.

2. The Slow Dance (For Nightclub)

A slow-motion dance is not the type of many people. However, it’s damn simple to learn this form of dance. A slow dance is an informal version of the sway dance that you can do at nightclubs.

Moreover, the dance comprises a simple “hold.” In this, the left hand of yours is either placed on the waist or upper back/shoulder. Then the right hands of both the couple are held together. You can have pivots in such a style. Also, you need much more practice than the sway dance form to master this style.

So feel the romantic ambiance with a slow romantic song and add some slow spins, lifts, and dips in this dance form.

The Classic Waltz

On the contrary to a well-known belief, the Waltz dancing style incorporates faster dance moves rather than traditional slow-motion dance. Moreover, different forms of Waltz, includes Viennese, French, Cajun, Country Western, and American International Waltz dance style.

Furthermore, such a style mandatorily need a choreographer. So, you can either have dance classes or can hire a professional to learn some specific moves.

Further, a set of box steps are there in this style accompanied by some turning patterns. So, select a modern, sweet ballad song and draw everyone’s attention on you.

The Swing

Many different dance styles come under the category of swing that includes East Coast, West Coast, Jive, Boogie, Jitterbug, and Lindy Hop swing.

Furthermore, it a faster dance that involves quick turns, leg kicks, and lifts. And don’t forget to hire a professional teacher or join classes for it.

Tip: Choose a comfortable dress for this dance style as you can change your wedding gown. You can go with a beautiful flowy and flaring dress accompanying shorts underneath. Also, be ready with your comfy shoes. And men should remove their tight fit suit jacket.

The Foxtrot

Couple Dance For Wedding To Prepare Today
Couple Dance For Wedding To Prepare Today

Foxtrot is a dance form that lies somewhere between a swing and Waltz. For couples, it’s probably the best couple dance for wedding occasions. And for that, you will need an instructor and your desire to dance with playful and medium tempo moves.

Additionally, a lot of contemporary and classic songs will perfectly gel up with this dance form.


The moves are a bit tricky, so if possible, join classes to learn the Foxtrot style. And the fantastic thing about this form is that it goes spectacularly amazing with current modern wedding dresses.

So choose your couple dance for wedding and fill it with ultimate romance.

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