Complete guide on just dance 2021

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Single Player (Dance Mode)

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Just Dance 2021 features solo, simultaneous multiplayer, and online multiplayer modes. Single-player mode allows the player to play in either Dance Mode or Dance Party Mode. In Dance Mode, players can dance in a variety of different ways-they can dance with one other player in a series of songs, by themselves in a solo song, or party mode with up to four players.

Multiplayer (Dance Mode)

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Just Dance 2021 features multiplayer options for 1-8 players. It has five different modes of play: Duet, Team Battle, Squad Showdown, Classified, and World Dance Floor.

Duet is the simplest of the multiplayer modes; it allows two players to dance simultaneously to any song in the game, and has no special rules or motifs.

Duet (Team) and Duet (Circus)

Duet (Team) is a mode where the players dance in teams of two. If there are more than four players available, each team can be split into two teams so that eight players can play simultaneously. Several different modes exist for this mode:

Duet (Circus) is a mode where one player plays as the “acrobat” and another plays as the “clown”. The acrobat must copy what the clown does, while the clown tries to make the acrobat fail.

Team Battle is a versus mode, pitting two teams against each other. Several different battle modes exist for this mode:

Squad Showdown

Squad Showdown is a mode where the players play in squads of three. Players dance simultaneously and points are scored by dancing similar to or having features of other players. Currently, there are two modes for this:

Classified is a mode where players compete on their own to achieve the highest score on a song. The leaderboard records the highest scores of each player in each song.

World Dance Floor is a multiplayer online mode where players compete against one another for the highest score on songs.

Single Player (Dance Quest)

Just Dance 2021 also features an extensive set of single-player modes, allowing players to complete quests and earn coins that they can use in the main game. Quest Mode is split into three different modes: Dance Quest, Video Challenge, and Community Remix Quest.

Dance Quest

Dance Quest is an RPG mode where players fight monsters to earn coins and gems, which can be used in other modes of the game. Players can compete against their friends’ scores for each quest they have completed, and they can compete against the community’s scores for newer quests.

Video Challenge

Video Challenge is a mode where players watch short videos featuring dance moves, and then they can attempt to copy those moves. They are awarded points depending on how accurately they were able to replicate the dance moves featured in the video.

Unlimited is a subscription service that allows players to obtain points by playing songs and redeeming them for exclusive remade choreography, alternate costumes, and avatars.

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