Dance forms which includes Partner Dance

partner dance

Dancing is the best expression to express love gracefully. It says that having a partner for dance is a blessing. There are so many different beautiful dance styles for couples dancing. Coordination is a must in partner dancing. Your hands together, your eyes gazing at each other and your body following the rhythm, that is the perfect moment while dancing with your partner. Each partner’s dancing style has one similar vision and that is following your heartbeat with the rhythm of the song and  more for your partner. Here Are Some Most Beautiful And Famous Partner Dance Styles 


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Waltz is the most ancient dancing style from the 17th century. It was very famous in Europe and Vienna. The meaning of waltz is to roll or to revolve. It is a ballroom folk dance style. It is a lovely and elegant dance style which is formed closely with your partner. It has lovely rise and fall action, one-two-three rhythm and ¾ music. It has the character of rise and fall by sway on the side steps. Feet remain on the floor and it looks so beautiful, smooth and gliding. Blue Danube and Moon River are the most famous waltzes. It is a form of social dancing and American Waltz has various lovely movements and patterns.

Cha Cha Dance

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Cha-cha dance is one of the five Latin American dance forms. It is Cuban originated and it was derived from the Rumba and Mambo. It is a social dance, introduced to the United States in early 1950. You can call it a modern ballroom dance. This dance style is performed on the rhythm of big musical instruments like trumpet, saxophone, violins and trombones. In this dance form partners dance with two consecutive quick steps by shuffling their feet to the dance floor. It became more popular in the early years 1960 by plays and movies.


Salsa is also a Latin American dance form and it is the most famous among social dance forms. Salsa dance form is famous all over the world and there are several types of this dance form. It is the spicy combination of African and Caribbean dance forms. This dance form is an amazing sensual dance for clubs and for just starting out. Salsa is the favorite dance form of Americans. They dance with swing and tap. Apart from that, salsa helps to burn calories and boost metabolism so that you can lose weight while just doing your favourite dance.

Contemporary Dance

Contemporary is the most famous Partner Dance Style which is a fusion of different dance forms. It creates a new aesthetic by improvising any particular dance style. It is performed by fully trained dancers throughout the world but it has gained the most popularity in the United States and Europe. It was developed in mid-twentieth century and still it is growing. Born in America by a US dancer, she broke away from ballet and created her own dance form.


These all partner dancing forms are the most beautiful to perform and most entertaining to watch. Partners need perfect coordination and rhythm with each other. Dancing is the most beautiful art of expressions. And dancing is also very good for increasing your energy and stamina. You can burn a lot of calories by doing dance. It is the best way of exercise.

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