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The stationary industry has grown a lot in the recent few years. Every day one gets to see amazingly pleasing and beautiful common stationery products that people use in everyday life. Everyone needs some stationery products for making gifts or to use in official and school works. One of the great stationery products that are considered for both official and unofficial uses is the bullet tip paint makers that become handy for many purposes. Do check out the product that is mentioned below which is an extra-fine bullet tip maker for gifts office school which comes with many functions in it. One must need to check this amazing product out to know more about this awesomely useful stationery product. 

Extra Fine Bullet Tip Paint Makers For Gifts Office School

This extra fine bullet tip paint makers for gifts office school product is great for everyday uses and even for occasional use. The most advantageous part of this product over all other paint makers is that its color does not fade. These markers also give a good feel when pressed onto paper while using it. This paint marker pen can be used on paper, wood, acrylic, canvas, etc. It doesn’t imprint on the back of the page no matter how thin the paper is. This product can be an ideal product for office use, students, architects, and artists. This product comes in two different variants. One of them is a twelve-color set and another one comes with an eight-color set. Hence, the prices of both the products also vary. These paint marker pens are perfect for making the various gift and decorating materials for both internal or external surfaces. 

Purchase your Extra Fine Bullet Tip Paint Makers For Gifts Office School today.


  • Color Quantity: 12 Colors
  • Model Number: Posca PC-1M
  • Erasable Or Not: No
  • Package Quantity: 12 Colors/Box
  • Stamp: No
  • Packaging: Set
  • Type: Art Marker
  • Product Coding: DFBG-25
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  • It contains a high quality of ink color.
  • It can be used on any surface.
  • Its flow is very consistent and gives a good feel.
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  • It is slightly at a higher price range.
  • By applying more pressure to the tip, it may lead to a mess at work.
  • Its direct exposure to sunlight may speed up the fading of the color ink.


This amazing extra-fine bullet tip makers for gifts office school product is for one who loves working on different types of projects and has a keen interest in crafting and decorating. This amazing product is available in the price range of forty-four dollars to sixty-two dollars depending upon the variant of the pack chosen. This is highly stylish which makes it a have a thumbs up from many buyers. One must check this amazing product out that benefits people in a lot of ways in the completion of different projects.

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