Five Ways to Enjoy Bachata Performances

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The Bachata Artists are considered the cream of the crop in the world of bachata. And why not? With master craftsmen working to create masterful masterpieces from an indigenous style of pottery and metalwork, Bachata is considered by many to be the most unique of all pottery styles in Mexico. What adds to the delight of these artists’ wares is that they are created using traditional techniques and raw materials from the Dominican Republic. When you see a bachata artist at work, you will notice that the entire studio is in one place, working in unison, celebrating a sense of unity and teamwork.

Dominican Artists

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But what makes bachata artists stand out from other artists of the Mexican arts? One of the many reasons that Dominican artists shine is due to their ability to focus and bring out the best in each project. Each artist in the bachata genre is a master of his or her craft, using their combined talents to create masterful works of art. Here are some of the characteristics of these artists that help make bachata so special.

First, in the case of the bachata artists that we have here in the United States, it is important that they use traditional instruments such as the tambourine, maracas, guava gourd, and mollusk shell to make their music. These instruments and sounds help to give each project its distinct sound, something that sets these artists apart from others. Most other artists that choose to use modern instruments simply plop sounds and beats over top of each other, as if they were at a gym class instead of having real musicians perform for their audience.

Pottery And Other Wares

Second, these artists also strive to use traditional Mexican materials to create their pottery and other wares. Traditional materials found in the Dominican Republic include ceramics, glassware, wood, ceramic tiles, and terracotta clay. Artists like Jose Montoya (aka. Cipriano de la Ribera) are noted for their use of authentic materials in their bachata bands and their work overall. They are known for their creativity and originality in their use of color and texture in their arts.

Third, in addition to working with traditional materials and colors, these artists are also noted for their expert sense of rhythm. This comes through in their use of sample beats from salsa and other traditional Mexican music genres to help set the tone and mood of their shows. These samples can often be found on CD’s or in accompanying videos. With this use of rhythm, these artists have helped to take the world of drum and bass to another level. No longer are they known only as “dumb” beats, but “dumb and fat”, “drummed” and “rooted”.

Vocal Abilities

Fourth, and most importantly to any discussion of bachata artists in the Dominican Republic, are their vocal abilities. The entire genre has its own following and large amounts of dedicated listeners. Vocalists like Jose Montoya’s “Aiello La Bandana” and Carlos Santana’s “MLT” are some of the best-known in the world. In fact, many experts would say that both of these incredible vocalists are at the top of their game within the realm of Latin music. Not only do these artists set the tone for the entire genre, but they also help to propel it to heights few other artists have reached before.

Bottom Line

Overall, bachata artists have created a musical style that seems to only grow and flourish within the last few years. It’s an incredible thing considering the short history of the genre. There are still many places where this beautiful style of music is being played, and as long as people continue to respect bachata artists and their music, there will always be a need for them. No matter where you live, you can find bachata acts playing somewhere in the area.

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