Free Online Dance Classes For Kids: Learn Popular Music Dance Routines

free online dance classes

Are you looking for free online dance classes for kids? Kids are looking for new things all the time. They’re constantly seeking out ways to be more creative, learn something new, and challenge themselves. Kids dance is one way that they can do all of that. You can introduce them to dance lessons with free online dance classes for kids and watch them improve.

The key to introducing free online dance classes for kids in your preschoolers’ lives is to get them to start thinking about dancing a little. You can start by showing them the most famous videos on YouTube, the ones that really get you interested and get you watching. You can also find some excellent free videos on vlogs, which are online video blogs. There are many vlogs focusing only on children and their love of dance. Look through some of them and see what kind of themes you can use to get your preschoolers to look at dance videos as a new activity.

Free Online Dance Classes

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You don’t have to limit yourself to videos and instructional videos. You can also show them to your preschoolers’ teachers or even their parents. By showing off their progress, you can encourage them to want to join your dance studio. It’s really an effective tool, especially for very young kids, because by the time they’re four or five years old, their interests in dance lessons are usually more developed.

One of the reasons free online dance classes for kids work so well is that the skills they learn in dance classes – step choreography, partner choreography, freestyle and hip-hop dancing, even ballroom dancing are all learned in the same way. You teach them the basic steps and then make it fun for them by letting them use their imagination. By the time they’re six or seven years old, most kids are already very knowledgeable about how to dance. That’s why it’s so effective to expose them to dance classes online early on.

Free Online Dance Classes For Kids

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When you use free online dance classes for kids to show them how to choreograph a routine, you’re teaching them both coordination and technique. Teach them the basic steps of freestyle dancing (step one), then move on to salsa (step two), meringue (step three), Cumbia (step four), bachata (step five), rumba (step six), rumba movements II (step seven) and jive (step eight). For a class of sixteen students, that’s a lot of dancing! For those of you who are teaching the classes online, keep in mind that the routines may be longer than those shown in the videos because students tend to be taller than shown in the videos. However, it’s still very helpful to provide visual cues to help students learn the basic steps, especially when they are younger.

The second way to engage your students with free online dance classes for kids is to closely supervise them. Many parents who have young children can’t afford to hire a dance instructor, so they often let the kids learn the dance routines on their own. That’s fine for them, but when you supervise, you can catch problems before they happen. Kids are natural copycats, so they will mimic what they see you doing when you’re watching TV, watching YouTube videos on DVRs, or even at the gym. Teach them how to make salsa moves without you supervising them, and let them ask you questions if they have any.

Things To Know

Finally, give your students props when they are performing their routines. Play videos of their dance routines during class so they can see how well they are doing. Make them perform the same move over again so they can compare it to the videos. Enroll them in different dance lessons so they can learn from the pros. Giving props and encouraging them to try new things when they are learning will greatly improve their confidence.

Bottom Line

Once your students have shown you that they can dance like professionals, you need to be there to critique their work. Students who feel like they are getting great feedback and really learning the dance moves often make big progress. This is because they are inspired to keep practicing, which increases their self-esteem and results in more dance routines to impress their friends. So get those cameras ready for your next class, turn on your DVRs, and show your favorite dancers a few instructional videos they can follow along to learn some of your most popular dance moves.

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