From History To Movements- All You Need To Know About Professional Rumba Dance

professional rumba dance

Are you fond of ballroom dancing and never missed dancing shows? If yes, then you have definitely watched the rumba dance. This slow-motion dance describes the beautiful love story between a strong boy and a coy girl, teasing. Moreover, the professional Rumba dance is known as the sexiest and most popular ballroom dances because of having plenty of sensual moves and forms. Thus, the term Rumba signifies a dance party or a range of different dances. Therefore it is an essential part of weddings, events, clubs and so on. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? So, if you want to know more about its characteristics, moves and many more, keep reading!

Let’s Begin With The Professional Rumba Dance Traits:

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A serious, slow, and filled with romance, Rumba dance increases the bond and chemistry between partners. Not only to do, but it is also interesting to watch as most of its dance forms depend on a teasing theme. Thinking about what is a teasing theme? Well, in this theme, the female partner flirts with the man and leaves her because of sexual anger.

Rumba Forms And Movement:

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Cuban Motion, a fantastic and unique hip movement, is known as the crucial element of this type of dance. These different traits and hip actions swing Rumba, which is created by moving the knees. The best thing is with proper eye contact between the partners, the Rumba’s capacity can be boosted.

The most common rhythm of this kind of ballroom dance is quite slow, with different hip actions. Moreover, hip moves are essential, but the hips are not responsible for them. Hip movements are only a result of the great ankle, foot, and leg moves.

Here are the vital Rumba steps:

Hockey stick

Hip rolls


Alemana Turn

Open hip twist

History Of Rumba:

Basically, Rumba originated from the West Indies, but it became popular in Cuba. Not only that, Rumba’s several dance forms were created in different places such as Naningo, Danzon, Son, and so on. Moreover, along with the Spanish culture touch, African folk dances were also an important part of making the Rumba.

Hence, American Rumba was a variation of Cuban dance, containing slow steps and hip actions. But because of movies, Rumba became famous in the 1930s. It used to show the romance between actors and actresses in the movies.

Where Can You Learn Professional Rumba Dance?

Well, today, lots of resources are available to learn Rumba, including dance classes, online sessions, step by step videos, guides, and many more. Moreover, some are paid, and some are unpaid. So, if you want to learn basic steps to Rumba, then videos and online sessions are perfect for you. But if you want to take your dancing spirit to the next level, then dance classes are a great option for you.

Final Thoughts:

Now you are familiar with the traits, movements, and history of the professional Rumba dance. So, what are you waiting for? Just explore the best classes or online sessions and learn to dance Rumba.

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