How To Dance Bachata – Ace The Concept Of Latin Dancing

how to dance bachata

Bachata is one of the most famous sensuous forms of dance that people do at clubs and parties. Bachata dance reflects the romantic motions accompanied by music. This dance form is extremely popular all over Latin America and beyond. Learning the Bachata is not a tough job, you can also learn it on your own. The very first rule of learning the Bachata is, feel the beat of the bachata music. It is an 8-beat dance form just like salsa and bachata music has four beats per measure. Bachata dancers move left for one four-beat measure then they move to the right for the next. To dance the Bachata, you have to find the pulsing beat of the music, and to do so you have to listen to the music. Modern electronic Bachata music has some form of synth percussion that hits every beat and these beats can be found very easily. But compared to modern electronic music traditional Bachata music is more complicated but you can feel the beats easily.

How To Dance Bachata -Start

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Start the dance with both your feet together and you need to count the beats of the music as well. The counting should be this way, 1,2, 3, 4, 1, 2, 3, 4. Once you are ready to begin start by stepping to the left with your left foot on the first beat which is 1. Then your right foot should be brought to the left foot on beat 2. On beat 3 again step left with your left foot and then finally on beat 4 slightly raise your right foot off the ground. 

Not only your feet but you need to notice the motion of your hips. You must be noticing that when you are raising your right foot off the ground your body is forced to jut your hips out to the right. This movement is perfect, the continuous, rolling motion in your hips is the effect that you want to create. 

How To Dance Bachata – Movement

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After creating this movement on one side these steps should be repeated on the opposite side as well. Do not stop here. Place your right foot on the next beat 1. Here you are stepping to the right side, just create the same movements as you created before on the opposite side. On beat 2 bring your left foot to your right and on beat 3, step right and raise your left foot as you did with your right foot before. And on beat 4 when you raise your left foot off the ground your hips will jut to the left. 


Keep practicing these steps until and unless you think you have captured the basic sense for the basic pulse of Bachata. When you dance Bachata always keeps your knees bent and try to move your hips with the rhythmic swaying motion. Latin dancing is not something you need years to practice and with a good tutor, it is easy to learn especially if you are able to crack the nuances. 

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