How to Perform the Bachata Wedding Dance

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The Bachata wedding dance is one of the most popular traditional dances in Mexico. It is performed during the wedding ceremony and it involves an intricate series of maneuvers that include elegant footwork, fancy footwork and a whole lot of twisting. It is often accompanied by hip dancing and is performed by men and women of all ages. In fact, it has become so popular that some people choose to perform the bachata at their wedding instead of the traditional Aida.

An Overview

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The bachata comes in many different styles. The traditional version is performed by men and women of all ages and it is traditionally a slow paced dance. It can be formal or informal, but is usually set to music, which sets the tone for the entire performance. Many versions of the bachata are designed to be performed in a sombre or sad mood. This makes them ideal for a wedding where the theme is appropriate, especially for a wedding celebration.

There are many ways to learn bachata dance. For beginners, it is usually a good idea to attend a bachata class at a local hall or gym. These classes are generally held in the evenings and can be attended by people of all ages. Some of these classes also incorporate lessons from a professional bachata dance instructor.

Bachata Wedding Dance

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Most people that take up bachata dancing soon learn that it is very relaxing and enjoyable. Most couples that dance the bachata in wedding ceremonies don’t even realize that they are being involved in an ancient Mexican tradition during the reception. In fact, many of those taking part in the bachata are unaware that it has anything to do with the wedding. Dancing the bachata with the couple during the reception can be extremely memorable. Dancing the bachata with family and friends also gives the participants a chance to bond with others that are joining the wedding ceremony.

Dancing the bachata in a wedding ceremony can be extremely formal or informal. There are no strict rules regarding how to dance the bachata. It is important, however, that the couple choose a style of bachata that is traditional to their culture. This will ensure that there is an instant connection with the audience during the dance.

In The End: Learning Bachata Wedding Dance

Bachata dancing can be a great way to add some excitement to a wedding ceremony. If done properly, the bachata dance can actually strengthen the bond between the bride and the groom. The dance can be combined with other styles of dancing such as meringue and salsa for a festive and fun party. Dancing the bachata in a wedding ceremony is sure to be a memorable occasion.

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