Latin Dance Classes – Why Latin Dance Lessons Is Great For Everyone

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Vancouver is one of Canada’s most culturally rich cities. You’ll find a Latin-inspired art and culture, museums, theatres and much more in this city. The first step to getting involved in Latin dance classes in Vancouver is to visit the Latin House, a facility that offers classes all year round for a variety of music and martial arts. Look out for the Latin Swing Dance and Latin Foxtrot Classes offered at this venue.

Paseo Latino In Kitsilworth

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Another good option for Latin dance students is the Paseo Latino in Kitsilworth. Here you will learn salsa recitals, dancing lessons and even a salsa recital! Latin Swing Dance students will enjoy learning the basic steps of salsa dance as taught by internationally recognized salsa dancers. A salsa recital is another great way to get your creativity juices flowing when it comes to Latin dance. Check out the Latin Swing Dance program when you’re in Kitsilworth.

If you’d like to mix it up a bit, try Latin-Swing Dance classes at the Vogue Theatre in Downtown Vancouver. Here you’ll learn ballroom, lyrical, modern and calypso. There are also a wide range of Latin percussion instruments and dance equipment for use during your class. This is a great place to introduce yourself to the Latin community. Try a few of their salsa classes when you’re there.

Latin Swing Dance Program

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If you want to do some dancing but you don’t know where to go, check out the Latin Swing Dance program at MacEwan University. Here you will learn salsa, rumba, cha-cha and meringue. The best part about this class is that the salsa classes are beginner-friendly and the teachers are very knowledgeable about the dance. Latin Swing Dance in Vancouver is great for individuals of all ages.

The Latin Swing Dance class offers four levels of class: beginner, intermediate, advanced and master. It is a great class to take if you have never dabbled in Latin dancing before. It will keep you motivated and interested while teaching you some basic dance steps and Latin percussion techniques. You will learn the correct way to dance Latin and get into some choreography, as well.

Basic Footwork And Positioning

In the Level I class, you’ll learn the basic footwork and positioning required for salsa dancing. You’ll be taught how to hold the beat, breathe, transition from one dance step to another and many more important things that are key to making Latin movements. At the intermediate level you’ll learn the footwork and the cool down. At the advanced level you’ll finally get into the choreography. With all these skills under your belt, you can really start to put your own personal stamp on Latin dancing.

Bottom Lines

Latin dance classes can bring Latin culture to your home, too. Learning to salsa dance can open up a whole new world of Latin-inspired dance and allow you to take on the Latin beats wherever you go. Latin dance classes are great for everyone, regardless of age, fitness level or interests. Take Latin dance classes and you’ll have a great time!

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