Latin Dance In Orlando- Know The Types

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Latin dance is a term used in partner dance competition jargon and a general name. It is a term that refers to Latin American ballroom and folk dance styles.

Latin dance is a broad term that encompasses a variety of dance forms, including ballroom, social, and competition dance.

It cannot be easy to know which dances to learn first if you are new to Latin dance.

Let’s see some of the most common Latin dances and see which ones are appropriate for beginners (and intermediates).


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A fast-paced dance that combines elements of the Rumba and the Mamba. The Cha-Cha is famous because it is energetic and saucy. This famous dance is performed with triple steps and Cuban Motion. The Cha-Cha is an excellent beginner dance because it is simple to learn.

Difficulty Level: Simple / Novice


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Salsa dancing is one of the world’s most famous Latin dances! Salsa is a perfect dance for beginners to learn because it’s an easy dance to learn but a lot of fun to watch. The word “Salsa” in Spanish means “spicy” or “sweet,” which explains why this dance is so hot!

Difficulty Level: Simple / Novice


The easy to go Rumba is the most sensual of the Latin dances and is sometimes referred to as Latin dance’s grandfather. The Latin style and relaxed hip motions of this iconic and fun dance, will work up a sexy sweat.

Difficulty Level: Simple / Novice


The Bachata is a slower dance with heavy hip movements known for being intimate and romantic. Simple footwork and sensual body motions are included. With the Bachata, you will get closer to your partner.

Difficulty Level: Simple / Novice


The Paso Doble is a simple dance to learn because it uses the same small steps and major theatrics. In this lively Spanish dance, dancers concentrate on tall, straight posture and marching.

Difficulty Level: Simple / Novice


The Merengue was initially taught as a marching dance, but it can now be converted into a rhythmical dance. It’s feisty and fun to play, and it’s pretty simple to learn.

Difficulty Level: Difficult/Advanced


The Mambo involves dance moves and foot motions such as kicks and flicks and is a lot of fun to dance and watch. Mambo means “shake it,” and dancers in this lively dance do just that as they energetically move their hips, flick, and kick.

Difficulty Level: Intermediate


The Samba may appear to be effortless in skilled dancers’ hands, but it is a difficult dance to learn. Fast moves, vertical bounce movement, knee action, body swaying, and “pendulum motion” are all part of the routine. It’s a vibrant, upbeat dance that’s entertaining to watch.

Difficulty Level: Difficult/Advanced

Latin dance shoes are light and have leather soles, allowing you to float across the dance floor with ease. They’re versatile, allowing your feet to move when required to complete the steps. To have a better link to the ground, you’ll need the responsiveness offered by these advanced shoes.

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