Learn How to Dance to Rumba Dance Moves

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The word Rumba is from the Spanish, meaning “round dance”rhythm dance”. The word Rumba means both a particular type of dancing and a particular type of music. When doing Rumba the music usually consists of three basic forms: tango, cha-cha, mambo, and salsa.

Rumbalero, also known as mambo, tango, cha-cha, mambo, or salsa is one of the most common forms of Rumbaa dance. There are actually three kinds of rumbalero dance moves, guava, guaracha, and cha-cha. The guava involves slow paced dance with smooth footwork, while the guaracha and cha-cha are fast paced dance moves that are performed in a flamboyant way. The last is mambo, which is an old world dance form that involves a lot of twisting, jerking, jumping, tapping, and other body movements. In order to perform this dance, you will need to wear a white sheet, a white tutu, and at least a half-inch of spandex under your arms.

What Is Guaracha

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The most difficult Rumbalero move is guaracha. This is also the most difficult in terms of time and effort since it involves the dancer’s whole body. The guava starts off slowly, using his feet to turn around and make small turns, making his hips turn as well, while he makes tiny jumps and twists. As his hips turn his arms turn his legs and back to make a perfect back and forth motion. After this, he uses his feet to push his torso forward and make a large turn, using the rhythm from the guava dance as his guide. Then he turns to make another turn and ends it by making another jump.

The next step is done by using both of his legs in a simultaneous move in a similar way to the tango. While he turns to face the opposite direction and makes small turns, he also spins his body and uses both legs to turn around and make a few twists and twitches. Then he turns his arms back and then make another twist, and so on.

There are several steps for mambo. These include the following:

Things To Know

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Guahua mambo is made up of a few steps that are very different from the previous two. First he turns slowly and uses only one leg to make the first turn, then he makes several quick turns in rapid succession. He then turns slowly and stops with one leg, but does the same rapid turn and stops with another leg again. In the second turn he turns slowly and stops with one leg and uses both legs to make another turn. When he is about to stop, he turns and stops with both legs and continues to make several turns in rapid succession, ending with a jump to make a final turn.

The last move in the tango is a rumble, or tango with a partner. In this move the partner is in front and the dancer is facing them, facing the other direction and facing them in both directions. The partner does a slow swiveling and turning motion, turns, while the dancer uses both his legs and turns his hips. until they are almost facing each other.

Then the dancer goes back to his original position, makes a quick turn to face him in the opposite direction and then again uses his legs to turn his hips, using very slow movements. This move is called the rumbarra.

The rumbarra is a fast turn and stops, turns, jumps and turns in a circle with the partner on either side. This is a very dynamic dance move.

Bottom Line

In the salsa and rumba dances both partners are used to move gracefully with each other in a smooth and fluid way. There are no jerky or awkward movements, neither does the partner feel rushed or forced.

The rumba and salsa dancers are very well matched for a nice evening out on the town and the salsa dances are ideal for parties and social events. There are a couple of salsa dance steps that may be played before the main salsa moves and the rumba moves. These are the anchor and the guarapilana.

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