Luca Cifarelli: Beauty And Passion

Luca Cifarelli's Beauty And Passion

The first choreography by a woman to open a major ballet recital was “World Dancing.” It was written by Maria Callas and danced by Lucia Cifarelli. The lyrics of the song were written in English because Callas was not a native Spanish speaker. Also, the original version is now available, has a stronger message, and is more appropriate to ballet recitals in the West.

Callas’ famous ballerina’s “world” dancing ensembles were the brainchild of her husband, Leonardo. The charismatic Luca Cifarelli became the secret weapon, to help with the production of “World Dancing,” to choreograph the ensemble in time for the world premiere of the ballet.

Even though the name “Lucia Cifarelli” is quite unique for a ballet dancer, she will be known forever. As a member of the group that danced “World Dancing,” she created the “Body and Soul” concept. Also, this concept is for dancers to move from side to side with their heads, not just focusing on the arms and legs.

“Lucia Cifarelli” had choreographed the original “World Dancing” performances, but it was her husband, Leonardo, who brought out the best of her talent. For his rendition of “World Dancing,” the couple combined the ebb and flow of the movements. And the fierceness of the dancing with beautiful music. With the electronic sounds and dazzling lights, the show is an instant hit and five winning major ballet competitions. Also, it is the best ballet performance of all time.

Luca Cifarelli's Beauty And Passion
Luca Cifarelli’s Beauty And Passion

Lucia Cifarelli’s Feature

“Lucia Cifarelli” or “Callas” is together on the cover of the current edition of the “Ballet” magazine. The photographs for the cover are as detailed as ever, with the couple at their next performance. For all the “Ballet” magazine readers, who grew up with Callas’ artistry. Ad with the history behind it, it is a special gift.

That wonderful evening in London in 1976, saw the “Body and Soul” Ballet Ensemble opened for “World Dancing,” the first dance’s world premiere by a woman. At the beginning of a long history of dancing by Callas and Cifarelli’s work.

Callas and Cifarelli’s artistic legacy lives on in many forms of dance, in many parts of the world. Their legacy can be in many ballet studios all over the world. And with many of today’s dancers, as well.

“Beautiful Dancing” did have a profound effect on choreography and has continued to inspire dancers of all ages, genders, and abilities. Their influence continues today in their modern interpretation of “World Dancing.”

Cifarelli: Passion

In addition, many dancers, who are not in the original group, are still in by the beauty and the passion of “Beautiful Dancing.”

Luca Cifarelli's Beauty And Passion
Luca Cifarelli’s Beauty And Passion

Number of Choreographies Since Lucia Cifarelli’s Sequences

In addition to “World Dancing,” and “Beautiful Dancing,” there have been countless numbers of choreographies created since Callas and Cifarelli, first created these famous sequences.

Some of the best-known choreographers of all time include Jerome Robbins, Lynn Nottage, and Anita Lust.

Other choreographers, who continue to create new works, are well known to “Ballet” readers. Currently, Louis Gelpke is the director of the famed Cabaret Ballet in Chicago. The five-time “Ballet America Grand Prix” winner and choreographer of “Love Takes A Holiday,” is a talented young choreographer. He has begun to show some of his work, is an important and highly anticipated series of dance shows. However, it has already performed in New York and Los Angeles.

In addition, Lucia Cifarelli’s legacy lives on today in some of the most successful choreographers in the world. It includes Thomas Lemar, Martin Strenio, John-Paul Bonsai, and Steven Pressfield.

This legacy includes numerous choreography pieces, such as “Kissing At The Diner,” “No Trouble,” “I’m Taking My Last Cake To The King,”

“The Ladies Garden,” “Wedding Of Mussolini,” “Bunny Bush,” “The Very Best Of Love,” “Valerie” and more.

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