Married Couple Praise Dance – A Fun Way to Celebrate Your Wedding

married couple praise dance

When a wedding party is having a group celebration, a good way to celebrate is to perform Wedding Pause and Praise Dance. This is a beautiful traditional dance that can be performed by the entire wedding party or only the newly married couple. It is traditionally performed at the reception after the first dance. The dance is most often performed by the first dance band or a soloist. In some cases the entire wedding party may participate in the dance.

An Opportunity

The dance comes from the old French dances, performed long before in royal courts. The couple’s knees are crossed and they are singing a song of love while their hands are interlocked. Dancing in this position symbolizes the promise made between them while they were married. It is also believed to heighten the erotic feelings shared by the couple. Today this type of dancing is more common for couples going through a wedding, because it can be quite emotional. But the original idea has carried on and is now used to celebrate a marriage.

Sometimes there may be some tension between the newly married couple. One or both may be jealous of the other. For that reason they may want to break away from the relationship and do something else. For that reason they will engage in some form of a dance that breaks away from the marriage. This dance is called Pronation and is commonly performed at many weddings after the reception.

Different Methods

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Traditionally, the couple is asked not to dance if either of them feels like breaking away from the relationship. There are two reasons for this. One is that if one of them wants to have a life apart from the other, it is not fair for the other one to be part of the celebration if he or she tries to get the couple to dance. The other reason is that the dance itself is almost an excuse to have some romance with the other one and may be viewed as such by the audience.

Sometimes a dance is required in a church wedding. The pastor may decide that this dance is inappropriate and has to be taken out of the ceremony. This is especially true if the couple is very young and have not yet established a relationship between themselves. They are still too young to understand what is good or bad. So a dance like Pronation is out.

A modern example of a couple’s Pronation praise dance takes place in Las Vegas. In fact, they have even created their own word to describe it: Pronation Ball. The dancers perform the dance with their partners on a strip of the red carpet and the audience watches.

Another type of dance that is similar to the Pronation dance is the Re-makers dance. A married couple’s Re-makers dance is usually done at the reception after the meal. It involves a couple on the dance floor, which is then followed by them dancing together in a circle. The wedding party then joins in and everyone applauds.

Important Things To Remember

The most important thing is that there is a formal dance routine to begin with. After that, there is no need for other dances. That way, the couple can focus on getting to know one another better. If they want a more laid back night, they can still engage in a few standard dances, just not the ones where they are doing something together.

Couples sometimes choose to watch the Pronation or Re-makers dance together in the privacy of their room. That way, there is no one to interrupt them during their moment together. There are other couples who prefer that their guests do the Pronation or Re-maker dance as part of the entertainment at their party. In this case, there is an organist or band that will play a rhythm or song. Sometimes there are special moments in the music when the couple or their partner will give one another a quick peck on the cheek.

Some couples who are having trouble communicating often find that adding some spice to their events can help. For instance, one can ask their partner to do a twirl instead of a straight up shake. A few well placed smiles can add a lot to the event. It can also be fun to throw in one of those traditional wedding party jokes. Just keep things light and fun, and the audience will love you for it.


One of the keys to getting everyone in the room on board with your wedding is making sure that you spend some time learning how to perform the Pronation or Re-maker dance. While you may be very familiar with the basic steps, you should also know how to do them properly. You can learn more about that at an online site that offers a few step by step instructions. Once you have learned how to do these moves, you’re newlyweds will be sure to get plenty of standing ovation when they start dancing together on the party floor or in the reception hall.

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