Merengue Dance - All Type Of Steps -

Merengue Dance – All Type Of Steps

Merengue - Everything You Need To Know

Merengue is a style of Dominican music, and dancing in this dance partners hold each other in a closed position. In this dance, the male holds his Partner waist with the right hand while keeping his partner’s right hand with the male leader’s left hand at the partner’s eye level; both look very beautiful with this position. 

Merengue Dance - All Type Of Steps
Merengue Dance – All Type Of Steps

Both partners sometimes bend their knees slightly to the left and right, similarly rotate the hips left and right; both partners look very good while doing this dance step. The hips of the male leader and female partner move in the same direction and can dance well throughout the song. Male partners may walk sideways the female partner or circle each other, in small steps and can dance well with small steps. Both can switch to an open position, and they can bend apart without separate each other’s hands or releasing one hand. Both of them can improve the dance by twisting each other with their small steps.

Here Are Some Merengue Dance Steps

Like other social dance styles perform with any music, the Merengue dance styles will perform with the Latin music beats. There is a different type of music for Merengue dance; there is a four-beat music bar for this dance. This music has four on the musical beats scale music, meaning for music beats to each scale. In this dance, men are the leader, and women are the partner of men.

Side Basic Step For This Dance

In Merengue dance, the side necessary steps are starts with the man’s weight on the right side of your girl partner body. When you step on your left foot, your left foot rotates inward, and the knee turns inward, and the weight returns to the left foot again, with which the right leg is the independent to perform on the second beat and becomes a perfect dance step. The female can starts dancer carefully with the weight of the left leg of the male and keeps showing the dance mirror to the male alternately the whole time.

Merengue Dance - All Type Of Steps
Merengue Dance – All Type Of Steps

In Merengue Dance Forward And Backward Necessary Step 

Forward and backward dance necessary steps can also be used to go forward, and backward kiss step is perfect. For the Forward Basic Step, you move forward next to your partner, and again to keep pace music, you keep moving your body weight back and forth and which becomes a very attractive step in Merengue dance.

The Forward Basic Step is easy to do into and good to see. The Backward Basic Step is a similar concept an as forward essential step, but in this dance step, you rotate your partner backward instead. In this dance step lead steps with the female backward step on his left foot first, mirroring. 

Merengue dance steps are very popular among social dancers and international dancers, and this dance can be effortless and easy to learn. You can do this dance in any function. The floor on which this dance is performed, the eyes of all the people are fixed on that floor.

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