Move Dance and Its Popularity

move dance

Move Dance is a form of dance that emphasises movement and rhythm over steps and formations. It is a relatively new form of dance, having been developed in the early 2000s. Move Dance is popular among dancers who want to break out of traditional dance forms and explore new ways to move their bodies.

Move Dance is often taught in workshops rather than formal classes. This allows dancers to experiment with the movements and rhythms without feeling constrained by rigid steps or formations. Teachers of Move Dance encourage dancers to be creative and expressive with their movements.

While Move Dance is not formally recognized as a genre of dance, it has gained popularity among dancers around the world. Many dancers enjoy the freedom and creativity that Move Dance allows, and see it as a way to express themselves through dance. These same dancers often incorporate Move Dance techniques into other forms of dance, such as lyrical or modern.

Different Types of Move Dance

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There are many different kinds of dances that fall under the category “move dance” including:

Modern jazz (the first form) Funk Jazz Gospel Contemporary (a term used for a contemporary version of other forms like ballet or lyrical or hip hop)

Ballet (done more like how it is done in the ballet class because it’s not as free form as other types) African (tribal) Jazz (a more advanced and free form of jazz) Hip Hop (sometimes used to create a story or has very set movements — improv hip hop is different from this. Improv hip hop is more like modern jazz)

Modern jazz is first known as just jazz. Then people added modern to it because they wanted to distinguish between the free form movement of jazz and the more structured movements associated with ballet. The term “modern” came from some calling classical dance “old school.” So Modern Jazz became more popular for its freedom.

“Funk is a grouping of related dance forms generally presented as having rhythmically propulsive, often syncopated music accompanying it” (Wikipedia hop). Funk styles are very rhythmic with beats that you can really feel in your body. It also has lots of improvisation, similar to how dancers go off script in hip hop or improvise around a group routine in team hip or breakdance

How to Learn to a move dance

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There is no one right way to learn to move dance. Some dancers begin by studying classical ballet or modern dance, while others learn by experimenting and improvising. However, all dancers must be able to listen to their own bodies and respond intuitively to the music.

Many schools and studios offer classes in move dance, and there are also many online resources available. You can also find workshops and intensives that focus on this style of dance. As with any dance style, it’s important to find a teacher or class that emphasises creativity and expression, rather than a technique for its own sake.

Move dance is a beautiful form of contemporary dance that encourages fluidity, improvisation, and creativity. It is often danced to jazz music but can be performed in a variety of music genres. There are many different kinds of moves that fall under the category “move,” and it is a great style for dancers who want to explore their own creativity and expression. To learn more about move dance, check out your local dance school or studio, or search for online resources. There you will find workshops and intensives that focus on this style of dance. Have fun dancing!

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