Reggaeton Dance - The Perfect Mixture Of Passion And Desire

Reggaeton Dance – The Perfect Mixture Of Passion And Desire

Reggaeton Dance - The Perfect Mixture Of Passion And Desire

Reggaeton is an incendiary, sensual, and extraordinary dance from Latin. Jamaican workers who participated in the construction of the Panama Canal brought reggaeton dance to the peninsula in the early 20th century. The popular rhythm immediately produced many similar trends. In its pure form, reggaeton dance was not preserved, but different types of reggae are gaining more and more popularity.

Reggaeton Dance - The Perfect Mixture Of Passion And Desire
Reggaeton Dance – The Perfect Mixture Of Passion And Desire

Story Of Reggaeton Dance

A note from the mystery reggaeton added time to his appearance. The early 20th century was the time of banditry and drug dealerships in Panama. Underground discs in Puerto Rico were riddled with such figures. And, of course, none of the nightclubs allow video or photography to be done, so that the moments confirming the fact of the illegal drug trade are not in the lens. Furthermore, the government of Puerto Rico did not like fiery musical rhythms as well as reggaeton dances because of the apparent tempo of the partners and bold texts.

Only in the late 20th century did clubs in New York, London, Paris, Springfield, Miami listen to songs by artists like Don Omar, Daddy Yankee, and others. With the increasing popularity of this trend in other countries, the approach to picture dance and its homeland has changed. Now Reggaeton is one of the vibrant cultural heritage of Puerto Rico. Since learning this dance has been openly held in both Europe and America.

Rhythm, Title, And Music

Vowel and Rap – This is the basis of the name dance. In Panama, these two concepts merge in one sense. And a distinctive feature of this trend in dance art is a rhythmic beat, which enthralls the audience. The harmonious fusion of guitar sounds, keyboards, and other instruments become a combination of Latin American rhythms and techno, hip-hop, house styles.

Reggaeton: Dance Lessons

Passion and desire cause energetic movements and shoulders, chest, and hips, this is the basis of Reggaeton. You can learn it in a pair or single. Of course, the dance in the group is more spectacular. But Reggaeton is taught alone for beginners in schools. Only learned to understand your body, to feel the dancing with your soul. You can perform it in a pair without the shadow of vulgarity.

Courageous and arrogant, passionate, and appealing Reggaeton helps keep every muscle tone.  Energetic and dynamic, relaxed and free, provocative, and disgusting dance is a path to self-expression and confidence.

It is impossible to describe the words in Reggaeton’s activities. The terms and conditions of this dance have not clear. The mood of the moment leads to the dancers who cannot resist their fiery nature.

How To Choose A School

The rapid popularity of Latin American created all conditions for dance classes to appear on almost every street in the city. And this is the first of the selection criteria. No matter what beginners teach voluntary movement, a beautiful and quiet dance will take care of only a few dozen lessons that need to be attended at least two times a week. Therefore, the location of the school is the most important.

The teacher level is the next thing you need to take into account and evaluate. Most dancers can become an outstanding teacher in every dancer who holds a prize in international competitions. As a rule, the art of teaching taught separately. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the qualifications of “choreographers,” interested in the skill level of teachers, even though dance reggaeton is not related to classical ballet.

Price is the next criterion to consider when choosing a dance school. There are generally two business formats offered to customers: One hour; and one & half hour.

Reggaeton Dance - The Perfect Mixture Of Passion And Desire
Reggaeton Dance – The Perfect Mixture Of Passion And Desire

In comparison to the second option, the first option is cheap. People who want to learn reggaeton dance, remember that the warm-up takes at least 20 minutes. As a result, there is not much time to train the body. One and a half format is more effective. You can save money by purchasing a subscription.


Reggaeton dance is also available for those who cannot allocate a fixed amount from their budget to pay the services of a teacher. Various information resources in the video format will help everyone to master the art of Latin American rhythms. The benefits of information abound today.

Often advises professional beginners to listen to performances by various musicians. And their recommendations should be noted. Over time, the music reggaeton changed. The rhythm of the radio station is very similar to each other. But to understand the full range of Latin American music, one can only listen to the maximum number of songs from different artists.

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