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rumba dance club

Rumba or Rhumba is a proper ballroom club dance combined with band music and rhythms to match with the dance steps of the people. Rumba appeared in the East Coast of the United States during the 1930s. American rumba is combined with Cuban rhythms but the former is completely different from the Cuban rumba in both music and its dance. Ballroom music was associated with rumba and was found in various clubs and casinos in numerous cities. Originally rumba was characterized by variable tempo, and it was later made fast to suit the dance in 1940s and 50s. The craze of rumba is still alive and people now prefer it with mambo craze and the cha-cha-cha craze. The features associated with rumba dance clubs are-

Importance Of Art Form

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The root cause that connects people to any form of art is their way of defining a beautiful relationship with nature. It is evident in every civilization that distinct forms of art were created and conserved which strengthened their faith and belief. The conventional signs of cryptic symbols and shapes are the commonest artistic manifestations that remained constant with time. Religion would have been incomprehensible to communities in the absence of art to manifest their beliefs into art forms.

Rumba Dance Club – Rumba Room

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Rumba is preferred as a ballroom dance and thus the importance of room is obvious in rumba. The room is called a rumba room and people dance with their partners for recreation and fun purposes. The dance is famous in the United States and in the earlier times club dancing was associated with the privileged. The boundaries have now become blurred and everyone has started to enjoy the dance clubs. The room in the club is filled with music and the atmosphere is pleasant for the people to enjoy.

Rumba Dance Club – Style

There are variants like American and International ones associated with the dance. The American variant is commonly danced in the United States and has box-like features, whereas the International variant is popular worldwide in the form of social dances and competitions. The international form of rumba comprises of slower beats in contrast to the American variant. Men are dressed up in tuxedos, vests, bow ties and tail coats, while the women are dressed in full gowns. In the recent times, more fancy and trendy outfits are preferred by people like tight-fitting shirts and pants for men, whereas short-skirted Latin outfits for women. The goal was to emphasize more on the dance style and to evidence the leg-movement of the dancers.

Rumba Dance Club – Dance Associated

The dance involved hip-swaying over the standing leg, and is danced around by people in tune with their partners. It involves close dancing positions, and sometimes both close and open along with separated dance movements are also a part of the American rumba. Different sets of dance figures are usually taught to the people dancing in case there are separate steps involved in the dance. Rumba dance clubs also offer various competitions dancing where people join as participants.


Courtroom dancing or club dancing have changed since the past and people are now more vibrant and open both in terms of style and the dance forms associated with rumba.

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