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rumba dance history

For the uninitiated, Rumba Dance History may seem a little mystifying. The dance is originally from the Latin word “ruca” for “dance.” The art of dance has been passed on from one culture to the next for thousands of years. In our own time, the Rumba is most popular in Central America, particularly in the countries of Brazil, Mexico and Peru.

What is Rumba exactly? Rumba is an ancient dance form that showcases a unique combination of dance steps and mime movements, much like a modern ballets. It can be traced back in dance history to the ancient Mayans and the Aztecs of South America. They practiced their dances at special ceremonial events and feasts. It was common for royalties to perform Rumba as part of their performances at these events. These days, it is common for anyone with a dance ability to perform the Rumba.

An Overview

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In the United States, the dance has made its way into many dance recitals and has gained popularity over the past few years. Many prominent Rumba performers have come to dominate local and professional dance competitions. Professional Rumba dancers are now showcased at national Rumba competitions. The dance has even made its way to Hollywood with the star of “Dancing With The Stars,” Matt Giraud, who performs Rumba. The Rumba is now a very popular dance at adult clubs.

But did you know that this dance is not the newest high-energy form of dancing? In fact, Rumba is the oldest known style of Cuban dance. It was developed from the traditional Salsa that Cuban peasant workers had performed for hundreds of years. The similarities to the modern Rumba are in the forms and the overall tone of the dance.

Rumba Dance History Facts

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The Salsa is similar to modern day Rumba in that it features salsa dancing around a beat. The only major difference is that traditional Cuban dance, such as Rumba, is much faster paced than what American dance is traditionally known for. Salsa has taken on a new popularity since being introduced to the U.S. in the 1980s. Many different styles of Salsa have surfaced and have become popular. Some of these are: La Camaradera, Basa, Baile De Los Muertos, Tango, Cha, Samba, Jive and Samba.

All of the above dances were brought to the United States by immigrant workers. These are people who came from places like Mexico, Brazil, Cuba and Nicaragua. There is even a dance called Los Micos which was created by an Indian named Richard Santana. There is no indication whether Richard Santana designed the original Los Micos or not, but it is definitely a dance that has its roots in the Cuban culture.

So what are some of the reasons why Rumba is so popular? Besides the fact that it is so enjoyable and flexible, it is also good for the body. Many forms of Rumba are great for keeping your body strong and flexible. The music is especially great for people who suffer from arthritis, degenerative diseases and injuries. Since Rumba is also a cardiovascular dance, you will be able to shed some pounds and stay healthy. It is also a good form of exercise due to all the dancing involved in the dance.

In The End

There are many more reasons to enjoy Rumba, but I will let others write about that. For now, I will tell you that if you do not know the history of the Rumba dance, don’t worry. They are easy to learn and it won’t take very long before you can start to enjoy some of these great forms. You can find many instructional videos online. Once you start learning the Rumba, you will notice that it is so much fun to dance to. With some well-chosen clothes and accessories, you will feel like a true south of the border Mexican dancer.

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