Rumba Dance Steps: Your Go-To Guide

Rumba Dance Steps: Your Go-To Guide

If you are familiar with dances, you might know what Rumba is, but for those of you know who are still pondering about it, then here is your go-to guide.

What Is Rumba?

The term “Rumba” stands for what we refer to as “party” in North Cuba. It comprises of a melange of musical styles. During the end of the 19th century, Rumba was popular as a blend of secular music styles. It was earlier known as the Cuban Rumba. 

This term is widely popular in several countries since the beginning of the 20th century. This refers to the distant style of dance and music. And, most of them are related tangentially to the Cuban Rumba

Though the term has a hazy etymological origin, where it meant the same as “guaracha,” Rumba was primarily known as the Cuban music in North America. The term shared the same connotation, even in West and Central Africa, before the rise of mambo, pachanga, and salsa.

Rumba Dance For The English

Rumba emerged in the English lexicon only in the early 20th century. Soon after that, it came to be known as ballroom dance. However, the anglicized spelling of Rumba remained “rhumba.” 

Rumba Dance – Know All About It!

Rumba is a popular international dance. It is distinctly for the dancers’ subtle side to side hip movements. Primarily, there are two types of Rumba, where one is Spanish, while the other one is of an African origin. The main dance form is originated in Cuba. But several other similar dance forms originated in the Caribbean islands and Latin America simultaneously. The primary influence in all these cases came with the colored slaves of Africa, imported in the early 16th century. 

It is ideal to keep the torso erect while you are dancing the Rumba. Now, you have to perform two quick side steps along with a slow forward step in the end. 

Rumba Dance Steps: Your Go-To Guide
Rumba Dance Steps: Your Go-To Guide

Rumba is essentially a Latin style marked by a constant hip movement, where the hips move in a Cuban motion. Some necessary actions in Rumba are: 

● A forward step with the left foot.

● A step to the right with the right foot.

● Moving the left foot where your right foot lies.

● A step back with your right foot.

● A step to the left with the left foot.

● Move your right foot to your left foot.

What’s In Rumba Music?

Rumba music is a distinctive genre of Cuban music, which brings dance, percussion, and song together. The original form of rumba music comes from urban Havana and Matanzas. Both of which dates back to the late 19th century. 

Rumba Dance Steps: Your Go-To Guide
Rumba Dance Steps: Your Go-To Guide

Music Tempo 

The tempo of the rumba music typically lies in between 104 to 108 beats per minute. In Rumba, it is popular to take three steps during each measure of music. In other words, four beats of music include 3 levels.

Rumba is undoubtedly one of the most prominent genres of music and dance. hopefully, it will be more vibrant with the upcoming years.

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