Salsa Couple Dance Is A Great Way For Couples To Engage

Salsa Couple Dance

Salsa is basically a fun and energetic partner dance. It is a social dance where anyone can partner with the other. The dance originated in Cuba and was taken to America by the Cubans. The dance form is mainly prevalent in North America and has lately been making its impact in Europe and Asia. It is easy to learn and at the same time difficult to master. Couples need to make their movements in accordance with the song.

Steps For Couple Salsa Dance

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Couples need to shift the weight of the body from one foot to another in tune with the music. This movement causes the hip to move in a particular fashion. The majority of the movements in salsa occur below the waist, but there are also instances where movements are made by the hands and head in fast-paced songs. This becomes evident while doing spins with the partner.

Main Salsa Dance Styles

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There are two major salsa dance styles that are followed around the world. One is known as the Cuban style and the other L.A style (Los Angeles). In the Cuban style the couple gears around each other and there is no fixed-line. The couples make a lot of knots with their hands. On the other hand in the L. A style the couple stands in an imaginary straight line. The letter is mostly convenient for shows and functions.

Beautiful Shines Steps In Salsa Couple Dance

Salsa is mainly a dance form for couples, but there can also be instances where the couples separate for some time and each one performs individually. The couples will be on the stage, but there will be no holding hands or touching for some time and they perform individually. Salsa dance is famous for weddings in some parts of the world as the couples perform the dance during the wedding party.

How Much Time Will It Take Master Salsa?

It usually takes a few months to learn salsa dance but beginners can also try it out. Advanced dancers prefer advanced partners to dance. Anyone can learn the dance form and if you have a good understanding you and your partner can perform really well. Also, couples can make continuous improvements in their steps and knowledge of the dance. Frequent training and good work will help excel in the field.

Where Can Couples Learn Salsa Dance?

There are many clubs around the world that teach how to do Salsa dance. These are clubs concentrated on only salsa and you can find one in your location. The best thing is to google salsa clubs near your location. After finding out one, go in person to the club and ask the opinion of other dancers there and find the details. If satisfied you are all set to begin learning salsa.


Salsa couple dance is an interesting dance form that is common in many parts of the world. Couples usually perform the dance at wedding parties and functions. The dance revolves around the music played and partners make movements in harmony with the music.

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