Samba Dance Style And What To Consider

Samba - Everything You Need To Know

You may have heard that dancing is a great exercise and provides many benefits to the body. But did you know that there are numerous styles within dance? Each style best suits a dancer profile, and making the right choice can be challenging. Here we are going to talk about samba dance.

Samba Dance Style And What To Consider
Samba Dance Style And What To Consider

If you don’t know where to start and have wondered which dance style suits you best, here are some tips to help you choose. Good reading!

The Styles

There are countless genres of dance we can find in schools, and each one requires a different profile of the dancer. Performing dances such as classical ballet and jazz, for example, require a great deal of technique, elegance, and precision.

For those who like dances and dancing together, a great choice is ballroom dancing. She was born at the dances and, over the years, has been recognized as a sport, reaching various festivals and competitions around the world. Among the most popular ballroom dances are bolero, salsa, tango, zouk, lambada, and samba de gafieira.

Another exciting style is the folk dances, transmitted from generation to generation and which enable the cultural integration of different peoples. Among them, we can mention the Italian tarantella, frevo, and maracatu, for example.

What To Consider When Choosing Dance Style?

As we saw in the examples above, there are many styles: ballroom, street, folk, classical – select the one that best suits your profile. To help with this process, we have separated three tips to consider before opting.

1. What Is Your Goal?

Before you make your choice, keep in mind what goal you want to achieve with the classes. Those looking for weight loss can bet on styles that burn the most energy, such as belly dancing, ballroom dancing, and tap dancing.

If your goal is to improve posture, opt for the classical ballet or ballroom dances like the Argentine rhythm or the waltz. For those who want to have fun and relax, it is worth betting forró, samba-rock, or sertanejo classes.

2. Does Your Musical Taste Match The Style?

Music is a fundamental part of any dance class. So when choosing a style, think carefully about whether you like it and have an affinity for the music style attached to it.

It is no use choosing a funk class if you are not comfortable and relaxed with this kind of music, for example. The same thing applies to classical ballet: If you get sleepy listening to a symphony, it may not be right for you.

3. How Is Your Fitness?

First of all, you need to do a medical evaluation to understand how fit you are. Those with knee or joint problems need special care and choose styles that have less impact. Also, it is recommended to practice dance on alternate days three times a week.

Samba Dance Style And What To Consider
Samba Dance Style And What To Consider

Benefits Of Samba Dance

Samba Dancing, besides being a lot of fun, is a great exercise. The practice strengthens mental and physical health and increases longevity.

Taking dance classes improves motor coordination, fitness, and flexibility. Depending on frequency and intensity, and combined with good nutrition, dance is also an excellent ally in weight loss.

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