Some Easy Art And Crafts That You Probably Never Thought Of

You must explore art and crafts because they are fun and I would encourage everyone to explore their artistic ability. The most complicated part of all arts and crafts would be to figure out what to for their arts and crafts projects. I will do this in this article to give a read before you start something new. It would help you pick your crafts project in a proper way, also make everything more efficient. Well, here are some amazing art hacks mentioned so that you can take your art to the next level. And if you are a beginner, then it will be more fun and creative for you. 


Well, you can use the paintbrush or the old toothbrush as the splatter. If you do the art craft, then you might know that it is challenging to sprinkle the color on a background color. So, you may use the toothbrush to spray the color in the paper or sheet. Suppose you want to draw starts in the dark night, then brash sprinkle is the best way to paint the sky. You need to mix the color and then sprinkle over the sheet or the desired area. This can be used for the watercolor or the oil paint, but you might face problems in the crayon. First, take a pen or pencil and then keep the brush over the pen and then do sprinkle. 

Add Tape Around The Sheet 

Whenever you want to paint anything, the first thing that you should do is use tape. All four sides should cover with the paper tape and then paint on the sheet. This is why the color would not come out from the boundary, and it looks pretty good. In order to avoid the mess, always keep the tape on the sheet. Apart from the border, you may keep it in the middle portion of the sheet if you want to separate any drawing. However, make sure the tape is suitable for paper use. 

Use Household Item In Drawing 

Do you want to give some extra effect on your drawing? Well, then you may use some household products in your cart. 

  • For the clouds and waves, you may use a paper towel or tissues. Use some watercolor and then put this on the sheet-like a wave or cloud. It has a natural effect on your drawing. 
  • If you want to create some background like rock, sand, or anything other, then salt is the better option. Sprinkle the salt in the sheet and create the art like natural scenery.
  • The sponge can be used to draw a beautiful drawing. You can paint a tree and the branches with the sponge. Just make the color and dip the sponge and paint in the sheet.  

Paint Straight Line 

Have you tried to paint a straight line in the drawing sheet? Then you may use the ruler. It is a traditional drawing method. But it creates difficulties sometimes. If you want to do that, you may use your finger as a guideline and then draw it on the sheet. Or take the edge as a guide and draw the line. Apart from that, hold a ruler in the sheet in an angle, take the brush, draw the line, or do color with the help of the ruler’s angle. 


The paint can get the actual effect when the color blends properly. However, for this purpose, a paintbrush can help. Use the brush and blend the color. It is not the only way of blending color. One can use the tissue and rub the surface. Thus, the color will blend properly. Or, blending stumps can help to blend the color prominently. 

Use Watercolor Pencil 

You might know that graphite pencils can leave the impression after painting. It looks odd and decreases beauty. Hence, you can use the watercolor pencil and draw the lines in the sheet. Thus, you have not any worry about the prominent mark on the sheet. After painting, no one can understand that there was a line before the painting. While doing this, always try to break the portion into a small portion and then fill the color. The color will look more attractive as well. 

These are the easy and simple hacks or the art craft that one can use while drawing. After using these hacks, the texture of the painting will be more attractive. 

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