Tango Dancing: Facts You Might Be Unaware Of

Tango Dancing: Facts You Might Be Unaware Of

Dancing is one of the best physical activities one should add to their routine. Dancing helps in losing calories more than any other physical activity. Dance is of various types, and one of them is Tango Dance. Tango dancing is a romantic form of dance that originated in 1880 in Buenos Aires and Montevideo. It is one of the most attractive dance forms which is performed by a couple. Tango was first performed only by women, but later it involved men as a partner to women during the dance. 

Tango Dancing: Facts You Might Be Unaware Of
Tango Dancing: Facts You Might Be Unaware Of

Benefits Of Tango Dancing

Tango dancing, just like any other dance form, has its advantages. Let’s discuss some of the benefits of doing the Tango. 

  • Increase the sensitivity and consciousness of your body.
  • It makes you more close to your partner. This dance form requires the hand-to-body coordination of you and your partner. It brings you nearer to your partner. Hence, it is one of the most romantic dance forms. 
  • Increases your flexibility and improves your body posture. 
  • Make you able to coordinate with your partner. During dancing, coordination is required, and Tango helps in developing your coordination.
  • Active meditation is the need of the human body, which can easily be achieved by tango dancing.

Less Known Facts About Tango Dancing

Tango dance form is one of the most popular dance forms. Here, we will be discussing some less known facts about this dance form.

It Became Popular Because Of The Shortage Of Women

This might feel unusual about how can a dance form become popular because of the lack of women. But it’s true. When immigrants migrated to Buenos Aires, there were 100,000 more men than total women at that place. It is because most of the immigrants were men. Due to this reason, it became difficult or nearly impossible for men to attract women as the ratio was uneven. In order to attract women, a man had to learn the Tango.

Tango Dancing Was Considered To Be A Low-Class Activity

Brothels usually performed Tango, and upper-class families of Argentina never wanted to get associated with brothels. As the dance form consists of a lot of sexual implications, it was full of passion. It was the reason why upper-class people considered Tango as a low-class activity.

Tango Dancing: Facts You Might Be Unaware Of
Tango Dancing: Facts You Might Be Unaware Of

The Upper-Class Of Argentina Was Responsible For Spreading Tango

You might consider this as a joke because, in the previous point, we discussed why upper-class people look down to Tango as a low-class activity. So now, the question arises that how did upper class spread Tango. Upper-class sons of Argentina spread Tango from Paris to Europe.

Many Musical Instruments Were Involved While Tango Singing

Violin, guitar, piano, bandoneons, and flute played the song of Tango. These instruments were used together to create a Tango Harmony. Tango is one of those dance forms which involved playing many instruments.


These were some of the facts about Tango dancing, which many people might not be aware of. Tango is one of the best dance forms one should learn in their lifetime.

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