The Basics of Ramba Steps

ramba steps

Rumba steps (or just rambles as I prefer to call it) are the very best way to entertain with your family and friends. What could be better than watching a group of children dancing their way down an imaginary hill to the delight and laughter of everyone? What if you had a camera clicking away to capture all the magic? You certainly do not, so why not have some fun by trying to follow these steps and get some valuable experience as well?

Rumba dancing started in Africa where it grew in popularity among the natives and foreigners who were in desperate need of something to entertain themselves with on a Saturday evening. Some of the most notable pioneers of this wonderful dance form were Tubaalo and Mwezo. These two combined their knowledge of traditional African music with their own adventurous spirit and started what is now known as Rumba. They combined music, dance, bead work and masks to create the amazing music we know today. The early versions were a lot less elaborate but the great thing about them is that they were always fun.

An Overview

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The great thing about Rumba steps is that it can be enjoyed by almost anyone. It does not matter whether you are a beginner or an expert because everything is relatively simple. You learn the rhymes, then you just put on your own rhymes and let your body dance the way you feel like doing it. That’s it.

When you first start learning Rumba you may be tempted to just copy some of the rhymes from video tapes or instructional books. Don’t do it. You will probably end up feeling silly and you may not even understand half of what you are learning. The great thing is that the rhymes are already there. They are part of the tradition and history of Rumba.

If you want to learn more about Rumba steps then you can look online to find some videos that can show you how to do some basic moves. Don’t just copy them word for word though. You will still be able to get better. You just have to make them your own.

When you learn the basic steps you will want to focus on three things. First, be sure that you are doing them correctly. Second, be sure that you are following them correctly so that you get the best possible result. Finally, be sure that you are feeling good while you are dancing.

Basics of Rumba Steps

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The best way to get the right Rumba steps is to dance. No one else will get what you are doing if you’re just standing there with your hands doing it. Make sure that you get out there and move around. This will show you what it’s like to move around with all of your body.

You might even be able to dance and you won’t even know that you did it. As you get more confident with the moves you can add other elements to the dancing. For example you can add in hand motions to the Rumba step and you will be able to get a great idea of what is going on. It’s a great way to expand your dancing and also to practice and work on other aspects of your dancing.

You need to take your time with learning the Rumba steps. It is not an easy dance and there are some things that you will have to learn. That is fine though as once you master the first few steps then you are well on your way to learning it quickly and easily. Take your time with the dancing to get the feel of it so that you will become more comfortable with it.

Bottom Line

Remember that the Rumba steps are simple and easy to learn. It is not difficult to master them either. Just make sure that you have fun and enjoy yourself while you are dancing. It will pay off greatly when you go out and get your partner for dancing. There is nothing like dancing to some music that you love.

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