The best academy of dance And Qualities

academy of dance

The best academy of dance is the one that provides quality training in all forms of dance. It should also have a good track record of producing successful dancers who have achieved great things in their careers. Moreover, the staff at the academy should be experienced and qualified enough to teach different styles of dance. Finally, it should be affordable so that students can easily afford its fees. So, these are some of the things that you need to consider while choosing a dance academy. Do your research well and then take admission to the one that suits your needs and requirements the best.

Every dance school has its own specialities, like Vaganova dance schools, ballet dance schools etc. But there is one question which most people are asking these days; Which is the best academy of dance? You can’t say that any particular academy or institute is the best because every person has his/her own point of view about which is the best. Some people think that it depends on how teachers provide training, some prefer modern style whereas some others opt for the classical way of teaching. Above all this discussion about whether to choose an over b will go over and over again. So let us try to find out who provides better service in terms of performance, students’ success rate and what would be the cost incurred by taking admission in any dance institute.

Vaganova Academy of Dance:

Started back in 1738 by Anna, the Empress of Russia at that time, Vaganova is one of the most reputed institutes for classical ballet training on a professional level. The main thing about this dance institute is that it’s on the verge of celebrating its 250th year of establishment and still manages to keep itself relevant with time. One more interesting fact about this academy is that during the Soviet era only very few students were allowed to study there due to its high standards for granting admission. Overall these years it has produced some great dancers like Rudolf Nureyev, Mikhail Baryshnikov etc who have performed worldwide.

Ballet Pointe Shoes Academy:

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If you are looking for a modern dance academy that will teach you various dance forms then Ballet Pointe Shoes Academy is the right place for you. This academy was established in 2001 and ever since it has been providing quality training in different styles of dance including ballet, jazz, tap etc. What makes this academy different from others is that it provides personalised training to each and every student which helps them to achieve their goals. Some of the notable alumni of this academy include Dita Von Teese, Adam Lambert etc.

Dance Town Academy:

Starting back in 1989, Dance Town Academy is based on the lines of the Royal Academy of Dance which trains students for international exams. This academy has gained its reputation because of its success rate in producing great dancers like Tamara Rojo, Darcey Bussell etc who have performed all over the world. The best thing about this academy is that it focuses on the overall development of a student by making them proficient in several dance forms including ballet, modern and many more.

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