The Famous Paso Doble Dance: Things You Didn’t Know

The Famous Paso Doble Dance: Things You Didn't Know

The Paso Doble is a fantastic Spanish dance, which is dramatic. However, in Spanish, it is termed as two steps and also referred to as nature marching forward steps. The dance also includes many exciting factors, like the background involving role play. It is more considered as a competitive dance than social dance. Also, it is being performed under the international Latin genre that also includes cha-cha, rumba, samba, and jive.

The Famous Paso Doble Dance: Things You Didn't Know
The Famous Paso Doble Dance: Things You Didn’t Know


The dance is first originated in southern France. In the year 1930, it began to be very popular in the united states. Moreover, the dance as the French name because of the steps of Spanish paso doble first developed in France. However, in France, this dance was named Paso redouble.

Paso Doble In Action 

Compared to all the Latin dances, this particular dance is popular and very dramatic. It is very much like a bullfight. It is also known well as a progressive dance. Moreover, the dancers take forward steps with the help of their heels and hand movements. The steps which they make will be very strong and proud. The man who dances stamps his foot firmly in the ground, which is struck by a matador. Also, it is done to catch the attention of the bull. However, the chest and head of the dancers should be held up high to represent themselves to be very arrogant, sharp, and quick. 

The Dramatical Dance Steps 

It consists of many dramatic dance poses, which look very beautiful when highlighted with the music. The feet of the dancer is always helping upright, and they have a strong posture and position. The following are a few steps followed in paso doble dance.

  • On the spot-sur place 
  • Separation
  • Attack
  • Huit
  • Open promenade and close promenade are two different steps
  • Spanish line
  • Flamenco taps

Music Played- Paso Doble

The music player has a significant influence on flamenco.

The Famous Paso Doble Dance: Things You Didn't Know
The Famous Paso Doble Dance: Things You Didn’t Know

Moreover, the universal anthem of this dance is the gypsy dance in Spanish. For the bold and inspiring music, the rhythm of march is like 1-2-1-2 in a straightforward format. Therefore, it has very few changes in the rhythm.

Few Of The Famous Spanish Paso Dobles 

There are a few lists that are very famous for the Pasco Dobles. 

  • El beso
  • Aguero
  • El relicario
  • Amparito Roca
  • Islas Canarias 
  • Manolete
  • Plaza de las Ventas 
  • Valencia
  • Sombreros y Mantilles
  • El Gato Montes
  • Suspiros de Espana 
  • La Morena de mi copla 
  • Espana Cani
  • Feria de Manizales 
  • Que viva Espana

Learning The Paso 

The place where you can learn the Paso is in the delta dance advanced ballroom dancing program. The learning duration will be of six weeks based on the choreography.

Moreover, you will find a big syllabus for the participants from bronze. Also, it is taken through the golden level steps. The syllabus of six lessons will give you good learning about the dance in an organized way. It involves more steps to be learned, and you will have more time to learn all the steps correctly. Therefore, you can learn the bullfight because it is out of favor now in the current trend. And no bulls are harmed while learning and teaching the dance.

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