The Right Way To Couple Dance Dip

couple dance dip

You may have seen those Salsa or Tango dancers doing smooth dip moves and even might want to try it yourself but are hesitant about it. If that’s the case then here is a solution that will erase what’s holding you back. Although dipping is simple it still seems difficult. All you need is the right guidance and some amount of practice. Following guidelines or instructions will also save you from injuries as well. Below is everything you must know before starting. 

Different Kinds Of Dips 

Couple Dance

Dip usually comprises balancing with a partner’s body weight while standing facing each other. There are several sorts of couple dips depending on the style of dancing. The standard one is when a dancer balances either horizontally or vertically. It is done with a one-handed grip which is surely risky for beginners. For Tango dance dip, powerful core muscles are a must. Leaning back and moving in a circle and continuing is not easy. This type of dip includes other movements too. There are other variations like lean, death drop, right, and left shoulder support, and many more. In all dips, the dancer’s center goes lower so it’s a game of balance mostly. 

Instructions For Couple Dip 

Couple Dance

The first and foremost step is to find the correct partner to dance with. Make sure to check the dance floor before dipping. While practicing do give a prior signal of dipping to the partner. It’s a very safe technique as your partner will be prepared. Also, if your partner refuses then it’s better to leave the dip for the time being. But in an alternative case, you should begin by gently holding the upper back and slowly lowering your partner. Maintain shared weight through balance and don’t bend too much as there are more chances of falling. After a few seconds, you can raise your partner. 

Requirements For Dip 

There are a bunch of things that you require for perfecting dip. The basic need is a good partner who is enthusiastic enough. You need to practice again and again to improve balance. A decent dance floor is important for avoiding injuries and smooth dancing. It is also essential to wear what’s comfortable. Furthermore, good music will lift your spirits. Hence, you should put on the right song for your dance. 


If you want to make an impression and impress your family, friends, or audience then dip is a sharp way to do it. It looks elegant but it’s not easy to dip without proper instructions and that’s why here is the right direction to perfecting dip. Moreover, it is important to understand that knowing instructions is not everything. One also needs to practice with a partner for achieving the ideal balance and steadiness. 

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