Things To Know About Rumba Dance Ballroom

rumba dance ballroom

It may be the stance or the hot, sassy flair, but Rumba seems like a love poem in action. Rumba, or Rumba Ballroom, is not just dance with steps and accompanying traditional music: it is storytelling of a passionate tale

The Rumba dancers express a sassy, smooth, and sensual attitude. The moveset is very specific in the details, but the most essential feature is maintaining a connection with your partner. The toes are pointed slightly diagonal, allowing the dancers to move their hips in a Cuban fashion.

Fun fact, Rumba is the slowest of the globally competitive Latin forms.


rumba dance ballroom

While Rumba originated in the West Indies, it is Cuba, where it flourished and developed. Many styles evolved. Places such as Son, Danzon, Guagira, Guaracha and Naningo, witnessed the evolution of Rumba. 

The dance also has lots of Spanish influences. The term itself originated from Spanish. “Rumbrear,” in Spanish, means to go to parties, to have fun, and to dance. 

Apart from the Latin influence of Spanish culture, there are also influences from African folk dances. These foreign influences contributed a major part in the development of the Rumba. Prominent contribution of African folk dances to Rumba is the lady’s stance, wherein she leans in protectively towards her partner. 

American Rumba was adapted from a popular Cuban “Bolero-Son” dance, adding quick steps of the dancers as a result of the bending knees and the hip motions. 

Thanks to popular culture, Rumba’s flirtatious and sensual dance steps became popular and well-known. Today, the popularity of Rumba is still prevalent. It’s even one of the slowest dance competitions. 

Today Rumba is a fun, sassy Latin-style ballroom dance that fits perfectly with most modern music types.

Rumba Music

With a 4/4 time signature, Cuban Rumba is also accompanied by heavy rhythms of percussion instruments. Most modern and contemporary pop music have a 4/4 time signature. They also have some Latin beats and elements. If you want a modern take on Rumba, you can music contemporary music, instead. 

Rumba Steps

The basic rhythm in Rumba is slow-quick-quick, with two beats in the first foot movements and one beat each in the last two measures. It’s done like a move in a frame, much like the waltz. 

However, as elegance is to waltz, sensuality and spice are to Rumba. The hips are engaged and often in “Cuban movement” It also borrows from salsa some of the moves like cross-body leads and shoulder searches.

Rumba Dance Hold

rumba dance ballroom has its distinct dance hold

The famous Rumba Dance Hold is similar to most Latin American dance poses. The arms are held in a specific frame position linking the two Rumba dancers. The left arm of the leader is kept at an angle of 90 degrees to the floor. It gives the dancers a tighter frame and adds a touch of personal spice and flair to the dancing.

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