Three Steps to a Bachata Dance Move

bachata dance steps

Bachata dance steps are an ancient form of Cuban dance originated from the 1950’s. Both are very popular and Latin influenced but each one is very different. Salsa is often a mixture of a variety of different Latin dances and steps from Spain, Cuba, Puerto Rico and Africa. It is also known as salsa de guayenne because the original word means sauce in Spanish. It is commonly called salsa because of the way it is normally performed, a dance mix of moves that include flamenco and cha-cha.

Can Be Learned By Anyone

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Bachata dance steps can be learned by anyone interested. It was originally dances that were originally done to celebrate festivals such as bullfights. However, they have taken on a life of their own and are now performed for a number of reasons. Social functions such as weddings, celebrations and graduations have included bachata as part of the theme. Some shows on television even include bachata as a main theme.

The two most common bachata dances that are well known are the cha-cha and the mambo. The mambo is usually the slower dance but still an important social dance. The Cha-cha is the faster dance performed by males and involves leaps, spins and jumping. Both are important social dance steps. Knowing both of these basics steps will help you learn bachata music.

Different Positions

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In order to dance the bachata you must learn a few steps and there are some different positions that are used for the dance. First, the leader leads the dancers in a circle around the person who is the partner. The partner is also usually at the side of the circle. Each partner will perform a series of hop-tops and twirls that will add excitement to the bachata dance. A slow dance follows after the first few hops and twirls. When the leader performs a hop-turn, the partner will also change the direction of the bachata and the dance continues in that direction.

Ballroom Dance

You can dance bachata for fun or as part of a social gathering. If you are dancing with others to relax and have a good time, the basic step only takes five minutes tops and you can practice this many times to improve your technique. Most people that learn the ballroom dance, enjoy it so much that they end up dancing it every chance they get.

Another dance move that you may find surprising, is that the main role of the ballroom dance moves are not really the steps. Yes, the movements are important. But, the main theme is the tapping. The bachata music, which is the background music played during the dances, does not actually have any tunes, it just has the beat that accompanies the tapping.

Last Words

If you learn the bachata steps correctly, it will not take long before you start to incorporate it into other salsa dance moves. This means that if you are a beginner who wants to add it into your salsa dancing, it will be much easier for you to master the three steps, since they are quite simple. However, if you are a more experienced dancer, then you can try to take things a step further by adding the bachata twist. By changing the rhythm or changing the pace of the bachata dance moves, you can easily make it your own. Try it out at your local social dance studio and see what kind of fun it can be!

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