Top 3 Latin Dance Classes Pretoria That You Must Visit

latin dance classes pretoria

Latin dance is a very popular dance form that originated in Latin America. The different Latin Dance types like Rumba, Cha-Cha Samba, Bolero, Paso Doble, Mambo, Merengue, and Salsa are performed as ritual dances every day in Central and South America. However, they are very much different in their ways but share some similarities too. Like the freedom of expression, unique, same kind of rhythms on which these are performed, etc. Learning this Latin style is difficult but not impossible. One can easily learn Latin dance under the good guidance of professional teachers that are available in academies and studios. There are many classes and dance studios everywhere in America. You can find very professional dance studios in Pretoria. One can easily learn and perform Latin dance after joining these Latin dance classes in Pretoria. The teachers are highly skilled and professional in Pretoria. 

Top 3 Latin Dance Classes Pretoria

Fred Astaire Dance Studios

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Fred Astaire Dance Studio is a branch of a franchise located in Murrayfield, Pretoria East. It always opts for innovative methods to teach Latin dance. It offers a magnificent three-tiered teaching method that consists of both group and private Latin dance classes in Pretoria. It also organizes many social events and gives trophies to the winners to encourage their students. It teaches a good range of Dances like Latin dance, International styles, and Ballroom dance. To get more info or register in classes, you can visit its site

Olive Tree Dance Studio

A man and a woman dancing

The extraordinary and talented dance teacher, Janice De Wet, established this studio. It has three teaching locations in Rietfontein, Annlin, and Waverley. Every age group is welcomed here, hartley. Teachers hired here are highly professional and sweet. They teach you all the basics and as well as a high level of dancing. This is not only known for Latin dance classes in Pretoria but also known for Ballroom dancing, hip hop, slow dance, line dancing, modern Jazz, and freestyle. Also, the wedding dances and school event dances are choreographed and taught here. You can visit the website to know the class timings and other info.

Love Of Dance Academy

Love of Dance Academy is located in Moreleta Ridge Lifestyle Centre and was opened by Nicci Sievers. It has been a trusted dance academy since December 2014. It offers a unique approach to learn different forms of dance. It is the best academy to learn Contemporary dance, Modern, Jazz, Wedding dance, and ballet. 

With the belief that dance can be learned at any age, Love Of Dance Academy put no restrictions on learning dance. The teachers here are very helpful and encourage their students at every step. They provide you with a perfect and safe environment to learn dance.


Latin dance is a unique dance form and is difficult to learn by yourself. Latin Dance Classes Pretoria are held to the proper and professional training of this dance form.

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