Traditional Dance Forms In Mexico For Mexican Couple Dance

Mexican Couple Dance

Mexico is known for Mexican couple dance and music. People here know to enjoy art forms. Be it watching the sunset in Cabo San Lucas or enjoying horse rides in Cancun. Mexico offers a plethora of things for couples but dance forms are highly cherished by the couples. Mexicans find great national pride in maintaining their dance forms. This is done by establishments of various institutions that focus on the growth of such traditional arts. Here are some popular Mexican couple dance forms that you might find interesting.

Jarabe Tapatio: A Traditional Mexican Couple Dance

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This dance style is internationally the most popular Mexican dance form and a matter of pride for the citizens. It is a form of hat dance where the couples represent the courtship scenario. The dance originated in Guadalajara while the standard music was composed by Jesús González Rubio. The dance starts with a woman first rejecting the man’s proposal while she later accepts it. This dance form has a sexual metaphor to it which makes it a bit controversial amongst authorities. The mariachi music synced with foot-tapping adds fun to the dancing sessions.

Danza Del Venado

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Sonora, a region in Mexico is popular for the famous La Danza Del Venado dance. This dance form is also known as the Deer Dance as the dance illustrates a deer hunt. The couples involved in this dance play both hunters as well as the dying deer. Despite so many years of origin, there have been no significant changes made to this dance form. The theme behind this is honouring deers who are being hunted for human purposes. Though this dance is performed usually by 3 people where one is a deer and other two play hunters, it can also be done by a couple.

Things For Couples In Mexico Other Than Mexican Couple Dance

Walking on a beach is always a romantic scenario and Mexico offer plenty of beaches. Beaches like Cancun and Playa Los Cerritos are popular amongst a couple. Also, the Auberge resort is a popular destination for a romantic couple of dinners. They will arrange for private facilities and candles all over the place. A couple can also choose from a variety of water sports. Snorkelling and Scuba diving are some activities every couple must do here. Cozumel is the best place in Mexico for such activities. Watching big sea turtles and colourful fish is something you will remember your lifetime. There are instructors and safety teams to avoid any sort of accidents.


Mexico is a big country with an even bigger history. Tourism is a booming sector in Mexico and the scope for Mexican couple dance generates more people coming to the country. Hence flourishing the traditional art forms is leading to increased awareness among people as well as gaining respect.

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