What Is The Bachata Dance Roots

bachata dance origins

According to them, the dance was a way to express themselves, pass from one state to another and communicate their culture to their fellow tribesmen. This is why some of the most beautiful and elaborate dances are Arabic in origin. The dance can be very complex, with figures and different levels of movement as well as chanting.

Origin Of Bachata Dance

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Bachata dance origin has been passed down through the generations. In Arab culture, it is a form of folk music that has developed through different generations. It is considered a much respected form of art and has its own set of rituals and customs. Traditionally, a woman’s song was performed by a female member of the family and it served as an advice to the women.

In the past, the dance was seen as a women’s game and was only accepted when played within the home. Nowadays, it is not just an expression of fashion but an art form that are appreciated throughout the world. A dance performance requires years of training. Although most dancers begin their training by studying classical music, jazz, ballet and flamenco, nowadays they also learn contemporary dance styles.’

Tracing Bachata Dance Roots

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Bachata dance roots can be traced all the way back to the Moorish era. This is the time period when Spain and Portugal experienced civil wars and a lot of turmoil. Most of these people had lost their homes and most of their families and friends were either killed or left alone. This paved the way for the development of a new culture known as Moorish dance.

When this new culture began to evolve it brought along with it its dance roots. This gave birth to the art of dance and made it even more popular. At this time, Spain was still ruled by the Catholic Church and people were not allowed to experiment with religion. Therefore, a lot of the traditional dances were prohibited making way for modern contemporary dances such as Bachata. It was during this time that ballroom dancing also became popular.

Bachata dance origin is a very interesting one. The dance starts with a slow pace and is very elegant. It usually lasts for about four to five minutes. It is characterized by a long, continuous and flowing movement. The dancer is supposed to be supported by a stick and foot movements are fluid and simple.

The History Of This Dance

The history of this dance is marked by various versions. One of which is the ‘Bachata de Pollo’. It was first performed by the famous dancer, Jose Maria Sison, in 1957. He used three wooden sticks which are inserted into a water basin and left to float on top of the water.

Today, this type of dancing is very popular all over the world. It originated from Spain and now it can be found in different parts of Europe, including Switzerland, Italy, Russia, Egypt, India and others. If you are interested, you can actually attend a class and start learning it. You can also watch some videos online. You may also want to check out some bachata movies which have been made and shown all over the world.


There are many things that people do to connect themselves to the rich bachata history. Some wear ballets made from the cloth called mocha. This is made from gold, silver, jade and other valuable materials. Most people in Spain today use sticks to perform bachata. Other countries use sticks and even bare feet as a way of dancing.

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