What Is The Bachata Dance Step Choreography

bachata dance step

Bachata Dance Step by Bachata is the second of the beginner bachata DVDs available. About this DVD: This is an incredible and comprehensive beginner’s DVD that includes step-by-step instructions for both men and women, easy demonstrations for real world bachata techniques, and an abundance of proven key points for sure success on the dance floor. This DVD takes things up where previous introductory bachata volume 1 left off, by delving into the world of advanced bachata moves and choreography. This DVD will take your learning experience from beginner level to master performance in no time at all.

What Is Included In The Bachata Dance Step? 

Bachata Dance

Well, in the introductory disc, Bachata Dance Step by Bachata gives you the basic step by step instructions for bachata dancing. The rest of the disc consists of dance step collections, the dances, a choreographed introduction for beginners, and some special “short cuts”. What are those short cuts? They are mini dances that you can do while watching the disc. There are also some songs included in this disc that serve as the dances.

What Types Of Movements Does This DVD Cover?

Bachata Dance

This DVD has two major sections: dancing with the band and dancing solo. Both groups and solo dancers in this DVD will learn the basic steps of the bachata dance style, and dancing sequences for specific choreography needs. These dancers include: maracas, tambourines, castanets, tumblers, and drums. All of these items will serve their purpose of learning the most basic bachata dance step movements.

This volume focuses on the second part of bachata dancing instruction: steps for choreography. The DVD has over twenty short dances from different styles and locations. Each short bachata dancing instruction segment begins with an introduction and dance recap. Following the introductions, the next ten segments focus on specific steps from the four dance styles discussed earlier. There are eleven short bachata dancing instructions that include positions, combinations, bridges, dips, turns, summers, leaps and other steps. These are all divided up into three discs.

What Do I Get From This Volume? 

That’s a great question! The three discs include all of the information necessary for you to begin your own personal bachata social dance series, whether as a beginner or a professional dancer.

What are some of the things that I can accomplish by using the bachata dancing dvds? You’ll be able to learn how to dance in many different social situations, whether it’s a friendly get together or a formal event. You will be able to practice all of the bachata dance moves that you have taken under the instructions and that you can perform live. You may be able to use the bachata dance step choreography to create a jazz or Latin influenced break dance routine. You can also begin to develop your own unique style of bachata that is sure to stand out from the crowd.

Now, what about learning other types of traditional dance moves? Yes, there are still some steps that you will need to take the time to learn in order to become a professional ballroom dancer, but you don’t need them in order to succeed. The Bachata dance step choreography can be used to add some fun to traditional dancing, but it can also be used in order to learn new hip movements and basic step choreography. There is no limit to what you can do with this great dancing form. You can add in jazz elements for a more polished look or you can stay with the basics for a more fluid, natural look.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, learning bachata dance along with other traditional steps is an important step to make as you learn how to dance. You can add in your own flair to the dances by adding in additional steps such as the Romero, the mambo and the cha-cha. If you like to dance salsa, you can also add in your own style of salsa dancing into your routine. All of these styles can help you have a fun, carefree and memorable time while learning how to dance the Bachata!

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