What Must You Know About La Rumba? latindancing.net

What Must You Know About La Rumba?

What Must You Know About La Rumba?

For a long time until now, La Rumba has its place in the dancing world. When talking of how it originated, there is a lot to say. In 1959, rumba did not gain any significance because of the government that was in power in that period. Many started to look at rumba in a negative perspective. They considered it as a severe cultural expression of low class. However, with advancement and revolution in the aesthetic field, it has now become a heritage of Cubans. Moreover, it is something trendy in the whole world.

What Must You Know About La Rumba?
What Must You Know About La Rumba?

What Is Rumba?

Rumba also said as Rhumba became very popular worldwide from the beginning of the 20th century. Rumba stands to represent music or dance. Sometimes rumba refers to a combination of both. This is a famous dancing style for hip movements. The necessary steps of rumba are a slow forward step and two quick steps towards the side. As in every dancing style, musicians in rumba performance use many musical instruments. They use three drums, namely, Quinto, tree glops, and Salidor. Each of the drums gives a different sound and vary in size. Some other instruments in playing rumba are claves or spoons and wooden boxes or something similar to that.

What Are The Rumba Styles?        

Even if all the rumba performance may look alike, many styles have differences from the other. Rumba consists of three methods. They are,

· Guaguanco

A couple performs this style of dancing in rumba. This style in rumba is like a play. The man tries to attract the woman by showing his moves. He tries to come closer to the woman for vacunoa. The woman decides not to let the man approach her, and she moves away from him with playful moves.

· Columbia

This is the original and primary style. Initially, only males perform this style of rumba. But now more women dance this style, too. This style is similar to breakdance, where males in the dance try to show their physical strengths and skills. For this, there are complicated moves, such as jumping.

· Yambu

This dancing style is a slow, melodically type. Since the steps and the rhythm are smooth and quiet, it suits well for older people. This style does not express any sexual tensions. It is appropriate for older adults, and many have love in this style.

What Must You Know About La Rumba?
What Must You Know About La Rumba?

Wrapping Up

Love for dancing will make you read and search a lot about it. There is a wide variety of dancing styles that many people have never heard. However, the aesthetic world is something everyone must know and learn. Similarly, la rumba is a gift for the ones who love dancing. However, there are many styles and many methods you can choose to dance the rumba.

Moreover, there are now classes that teach to dance these types of unique dancing styles. Furthermore, dance lovers can attend concerts and other events that have rumba dancing performances. It will grow a passion for dancing.


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