Why Dancing Bachata Will Leave You Feeling Fresh

dancing bachata

Today the bachata continues to be a part of Dominican folk culture and is enjoyed by people from all walks of life.

The dance itself is based on the traditional Dominican celebration of Ovalli, which translates literally to “grandfather and grandmother”. The Ovalli Festival occurs during mid-November and Ovalli Day is celebrated during the month of January. On this day, children in particular are invited to play “maracas” (or large musical horns) in the streets. For many generations this was a traditional event to call attention to the passing of an old age. Today the dancing bachata is an integral part of Ovalli celebrations.

A Symbol Of Family And Friendship

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Bachata dances have been performed regularly for thousands of years and were always a symbol of family and friendship. This new way of dancing is the continuation of this tradition. The dance continues to promote and stimulate relationships as well as bonds between friends and families. In the Dominican Republic, the dancing bachata has been specially choreographed so that it can be adapted to different cultural and social settings.

Dancing with the Bachata has been a very popular choice with women who are looking for a much slower dance. Dancing with the Bachata can take participants from a professional performance to an informal gathering of friends. It can also be adapted to take participants from a professional performance to a more casual setting. The traditional dances of the Dominican Republic often incorporate dance into the festivities and celebrations of different religious and ethnic groups.

The Dominican Republic

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There are several different styles of dancing in the Dominican republic. The bachata has evolved into a more contemporary style of salsa music. The bachata was originally created out of the necessity of creating space for dancing and movements in a traditional Dominican celebration. Today, the bachata has become much slower and is now considered more suited for celebrations and cultural events than for traditional weddings and dances.

The slow paced salsa dance of the bachata is similar to many Latin dances that are commonly seen in weddings and dances. Some other Latin dances that are similar to the bachata include the poncho, rumba, tauren, meringue, and the pupa. These Latin dances have also become very popular at weddings in the United States. Dancing with these Latin dances represents the joy of tradition and family, while celebrating one’s heritage.

Relax And Enjoy

Dancing with the Bachata offers a great way to get your guests to relax and enjoy themselves during the party. When you dance with Bachata you will feel like you are part of something bigger than yourself. You will become a part of the celebration instead of just a guest.

Many times when you are dancing traditional Mexican music, it makes you want to move and do the dance for yourself as well. This is one of the reasons that the bachata has been dancing across Latin America for so long.


The dancing style of the bachata will give you an overall presentation that you will be proud to be a part of. The fast dancing, choreographed moves will leave you feeling satisfied, invigorated, and ready to take on anyone in the ballroom. You will also be able to keep your feet dancing and your focus on the others in line at the dance floor. No matter who you are with or where you are going, you will love dancing to the salsa dance floor with the Bachata.

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